ZQuiet Review – An Unbiased Review of ZQuiet Stop Snoring Device

Let’s face it.

You have a severe problem.

Maybe you keep saying “I just can’t fall asleep because of my spouse’s snoring.” , or perhaps you’re the ‘culprit’ and keep hearing those words.

Or maybe you’re tired of getting elbowed awake or kicked out of bed in the nights!

If I’m right about you so far.. Congrats!! 

You just found your pot of Gold by looking up Zquiet Reviews!

We’ve reviewed over 40 anti-snoring devices on this site. And I can honestly report that Zquiet is one of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces you could purchase right now!

Ranked second on our list of Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces we reviewed, the product scored highly in every segment of our tests. For a mouthpiece to get a pass from us, it needs to get high scores in comfort, durability, price, and effectiveness.

We also verify every products background before approving them in our list of best anti-snoring mouthpieces.

In this review, you will find all the things you MUST know before you buy this mouthpiece.

At this point, you should be able to decide after reading the pros and cons of the Zquiet. If you find that the pros outweigh the cons, then go check out their website to make your purchase.

If you aren’t convinced after reading our zquiet review that this product is right for you, go check out our best anti-snoring devices, or our SnoreRX review.

All the reviews we’ve done so far indicate that it truly stands at the top of the pack.

However, don’t take my word for it! We have a lot more to cover about the product, and we’re sure you’d like to find out more before you purchase.

What Is Zquiet?

What Is Zquiet?

Zquiet is a Mandibular Advancement Device(or MADs) used to stop snoring. It is one of the few mouthpieces that I felt ok wearing for more than a month.

After months of reviews and many nights of tests, I found one common factor among the best mouthpieces to stop snoring.

They all are dentist-designed mandibular advancement devices and are expected to eliminate and reduce your snoring.

Mandibular Advancement Devices have been shown to work wonders in many tests and clinical trials! They work by bringing the lower jaw forward thus widening your airways and reducing the snoring instantly.

The most critical flaw for Mandibular Advancement Devices which either makes or breaks them is its ability to be adjusted. Any mouthpiece that does not allow jaw adjustments will merely be a hit or miss product.

The Zquiet sadly has this flaw, and that’s what dropped my opinion of the product slightly. Even though not allowing any modifications to the lower part of the mouthpiece is an issue. The manufacturers have put measures in place to mitigate this problem.

Their New Comfort System now grants two anti-snoring mandibular advancement device for the price of one; One large and one small.

I found the larger product a bit too big and had to trim it down a bit to get a truly comfortable fit. The smaller one felt too tight and made my front teeth and gum sore after just one-night use.

Apart from adjustments the product is excellent, as unlike other snoring devices in this category there was no fitting process involved.

So if you needed a quick and efficient solution, the Zquiet is likely the deal for you.

Fitting Mandibular Advancement Devices can be somewhat tricky, especially if you mess up any steps. And trust me, you’ll often find yourself in a situation where the device is completely useless. Which is why we welcomed this product that didn’t have that fitting hassle.

How Much Does ZQuiet Cost?

At the time of this review of Zquiet, it costs $79.95 plus shipping fees which increase the price by about $9.95 to $15 bucks.

The good part about this is that you do not have to pay that price up front if you don’t want to. Zquiet offers a 35-day trial wherein you can freely use the product, and if you are not satisfied, you can send it back.

You are, however, required to pay the shipping fee for the 35-day trial for $9.95.


MADs tend to cost anywhere between $39.99 to $350 for the more premium quality products.

Zquiet, however, falls nicely between those prices and brings to the table the same premium grade material. As well as comfort and efficiency that some of the ones that are prescribed by your doctor or dentist.

Who Should Get Zquiet?

Who Should Get Zquiet
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These types of snoring devices work well for anyone as long as you are over 11 years old. And since the company has decided to send two products, chances are one will fit you just fine whether you are a male or female.

For me, the larger one fit ok even though I had to trim it down a bit. The smaller one I gave to my wife, and she found it to be just the right size for her. Overall the product is beneficial in reducing snoring for persons that do not have an underlying medical condition.

If you feel that you have any ailments such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea; I would suggest you discuss with your healthcare provider and see if it is right for you. Zquiet also cannot be worn by persons that have full dentures or several teeth deformities or gum diseases. All in All getting a Zquiet mouthpiece is a significant step forward in solving your snoring issue.

What We Liked About The Product?

What We Liked About The Product
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This product truly lived up to its claims of reducing snoring instantly. From the first night I wore it, my wife said she noticed immediate changes in my overall sleep patterns and mood.

I loved how easy it was to trim the material down to size. The soft texture the thermoplastic elastomer offered made it comfy enough to endure the 8 hours use each night. Apart from a little bit of soreness to my front teeth, I had no other significant issues with the Zquiet.

All anti-snoring devices, from chinstraps, tongue stabilizing devices and mandibular advancement devices cause some degree of soreness. And it you should expect it in your first week with the product.

Another thing we loved about the Zquiet was the fact that we did not have to pay the $79.95 up front to see if the product work as stated. I was also happy when I found out that I’ll be getting two pieces in the package.

The Zquiet stands out for my wife and I was that it allowed us to talk and breathe fairly well through our mouths.

Flaws And Potential Deal Breakers

The most significant flaw and potential deal breaker I found after thoroughly reviewing the Zquiet is the lack of adjustment capabilities. The other products that are direct competitors for this one all have similar price ranges, effectiveness, and durability.

So when we realized that Zquiet didn’t have that feature, we were shocked, but we still went ahead with the purchase. Another flaw I found was that no matter which one I wore, my teeth still hurt after a while.

My wife only felt this issue twice, but after that, she said it felt very comfortable, and sadly the problem persisted for me.

A word of caution if you plan to give this stop snoring mouthpiece a test; the shipping fees that you will pay are non-refundable.

Zquiet Features

The Zquiet anti-snoring device makes use of what they call LIVING HINGE TECHNOLOGY. This technology, in essence, is a simple hinge at the ends of the mouthpiece that allows natural mouth movements. Being able to move your mouth while sleeping means you will be able to breathe freely and even talk while wearing the device.

Additionally, it reduces some of the soreness that would be caused by having to firmly bite down on a mouthpiece to keep it in place.

Think about it for a second:

The whole point of wearing a device like this is to honestly get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Most other mandibular advancement devices do not allow that as they often are very uncomfortable.

The Zquiet has the edge over the others in this aspect.

Zquiet 2 Step Comfort System Feature

The product’s 2 Step Comfort System issues two unique snoring devices for maximum comfort. Very often you will find that purchasing a single MAD is not enough because one size fits all rarely fits.

And maybe you need just a tiny advancement of the lower jaw to get rid of your snoring. The Zquiet provides a solution to this problem by including two pieces when you order. Each of the devices positions the lower jaw differently, so you can alternate between them to get the best sleep.

Third Important Feature

No unnecessary fitting process.

This feature of the Zquiet could be considered a positive but it’s also a con in a sense. Not requiring any special preparations like other devices where you have to do the boil and bite is a blessing. The boil and bite fitting process most times is very tedious. And things can go very wrong with the fitting depending on the product you have.

With the Zquiet you merely take the product out of the package and try them both. After maybe two nights of testing, you should be able to see which one is more comfortable and efficient in eliminating your snoring.

Another great thing to consider about this product is that it has been clinically studied and proven to work. The Zquiet is approved by the FDA and is regarded as a class two medical device.

The product has also received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for over three years.

Furthermore, the technology behind the designs of the mouthpiece has always been one of the most approved of methods for stopping snoring. All these approvals and accreditations mean that this product is one you can trust.

How Does It Compare To Others?

How Does It Compare To Others

The Zquiet only falls short to 2 or 3 other anti-snoring mouthpieces. And the shortcomings could be negligible depending on your preferences. Most of the top competitors of Zquiet allows for some adjustment in the lower jaw. SnoreRX and Vital. Sleep are two off the top of my head that offers that feature.

The product may also be slightly less comfortable than the SnoreRX or the Vital. Sleep but barely.

Frequently Asked Question of About Zquiet

Most persons still have some concerns about mouthpieces, so here is a bit of additional information.

How well do mouthpieces work?

The effectiveness of any product varies from person to person. However, the quiet has been through many clinical trial and studies and have shown to work. Most mouthpieces are said to be 94% effective in eliminating snoring.

How Comfortable are Oral Stop Snoring Mouthpieces?

A good percentage of anti-snoring devices are relatively uncomfortable and take some time to adjust to your mouth. Unfortunately some you won’t ever be able to stand no matter how long you wait. That was the case for me with the Zquiet. It was a bit uncomfortable on the front of my teeth, but it worked. And it resolved my snoring from the first night. So while it is not the most comfortable anti-snoring devices the efficiency, price and design factors make it one of the best products you could purchase.

How Should you Store your Mouthpieces?

Most anti-snoring mouthpieces come in a case; the best storage place would be that. But before putting up your mouthpiece, I recommend giving it a proper cleaning and ensure that it is entirely dried.

Final Thoughts

After spending a few weeks with the Zquiet Anti-Snore Mouthpiece, we think it is one of the best products on the market.

There are tonnes of mandibular advancement devices on the market that you can purchase. Most of them make grand claims about how good they are in getting rid of your snoring.

However, after thorough testing and research, many of them did not do what they claim.

The Zquiet mouthpiece was an exception surprisingly. It got rid of my snoring problem the same night I started using it.

The major downside of the mouthpiece was the comfort. And while it is the most common complaint from most reviewers, our tests and other reviewers have stated that it is still among the best stop snoring devices you could purchase.

Being able to talk and breathe comfortably while wearing the mouthpiece is another reason why it is so highly rated. Also, the device’s approvals, clinical trials, and accreditations make it one product you have to consider when looking for solutions to stop snoring.

We know that what works for one person might not work for another, as such, we recommend checking out our SnoreRX review.

We go in depth in all our tests. And strive to provide information on everything you would need to know about mouthpieces on our best anti-snoring products page.

Now that you’ve read our zquiet review give it a trial and let us know how it felt for you!

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