Weslo Step Fit Climber Vs Maxi Climber – Which Is The Better Vertical Climber?

Having a toned and fit body is an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle these days.

But with busy work schedules, it is not easy to hit the gym or go for a trek.

To solve this, we have fitness machines like the Weslo stepfit climber and maxi climber to make it easy for us to work out. Vertical climbers like the Maxi Climber and Weslo Climber are exercise equipment that gives you all the benefits of mountain climbing right in your home.

And in this article, we’ll compare the Weslo Stepfit Climber vs Maxi Climber so you can know which cardio climber is the best one to buy!

Let us look into these two types of vertical climbers, what they have, and how they work.

What Is Weslo Step Fit Climber?

The Weslo StepFit climber is a piece of versatile cardio equipment that helps to workout in the comfort of your room. It offers functionality to be used as a climber or stair stepper and works on either your arms or legs or both.

With the Weslo climber, you can burn around 250 calories for a 30 min workout depending on the intensity of the exercise. This fitness machine has adjustable handles that can be adjusted according to the height of the individual. Moreover, it offers a reasonably high user weight limit. And it features an LCD screen that displays your workout data and comes with a phone holder.

Additionally, this machine offers a low-intensity cardio workout, which is not too strenuous for your joints.

What Is Maxi Climber?

The Maxi Climber imitates mountain climbing and provides a full-body cardio workout. It has a compact climber design and takes up little space. And compared to other fitness equipment, it is perfect for quick everyday workout sessions and does not strain your muscles.

The Maxi climber focuses on working out your arms, core muscles, and lower body. It has an ergonomic design with non-stick handles that gives you a better grip. Its height can adjust to five different positions. Plus, it offers a built-in timer that indicates the completion of your workout. It is affordable, sturdy, compact, and provides excellent results.

Let us dive into a detailed comparison between the maxi climber and Weslo Climber to see which is better overall.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Weslo Stepfit Vs Maxiclimber?

What Is The Main Difference Between The Weslo Stepfit Vs Maxiclimber?

The Weslo stepfit offers adjustable resistance and height adjustment while the Maxi Climber does not. Moreover, with the weslo stepfit, you get a max user weight capacity of 250 lbs while you only get a weight limit of 240 lbs with the maxi climber. Read on for a more detailed comparison of what each vertical climber has to offer:

Workout Efficiency

Workout Efficiency
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The Weslo StepFit climber adds more resistance to your workouts. Moreover, the levels of resistance can be adjusted to suit your present fitness levels. It puts targeted pressure on your arms and legs and helps to tone down your body. Plus, it provides a complete cardio workout for your body, and with the resistance, it becomes more active and intense.

Similarly, the Maxi climber helps you to do full-body workouts on the same level as the Weslo climber. Moreover, it allows you to burn calories more and also tone your muscles in the comfort of your home.

Like the Weslo climber, the maxi climber will enable you to target your arms, core, and your lower body.

It also offers some resistance, but it can’t be adjusted like with the weslo climber. So, once you get used to the resistance provided with the Maxi Climber, the only thing you can do to make it more effective is to vary the intensity of your workout.

Durability And Usage

Durability And Usage
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The Weslo StepFit climber has a sturdy design made out of steel. It offers a maximum user weight limit of 250 lbs, which we found adequate for most persons. It has four sturdy rubber feet that keep it in place, and the machine can be folded once used and kept aside.

Likewise, the Maxi climber also features a sturdy design with a weight of only 33 pounds. However, it has solid steel construction and a maximum user weight limit of 240lbs.

So in terms of durability and usage, the Weslo Stepfit is a much better option to the Maxi Climber.


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Weslo’s Stepfit takes a lot of time to assemble, which becomes an inconvenience for some users. However, it does come with a very detailed instruction manual for setting up, so that will allow you to set it up quickly.

In contrast, the Maxi climber is 90% assembled when you get it. The only assembly needed is attaching the supporting crossbar and lock it at the bottom of the frame. Plus, once you are done with it, you’ll only need to readjust the crossbar and to store it away in a corner.

When comparing the difficulty in assembly between the weslo stepfit vs maxi climber, the winner is obvious to see. However, you can always get expert installation when you buy the Weslo Stepfit. But you may not need it as it is relatively simple to assemble.

Design Comparison Between Maxi Climber vs Weslo Stepfit

Weslo Step fit Climber has been designed to work both as a stepper and a climber. It weighs 81 pounds and has a height of 90.5″ after assembly, so it might not be a good option for very low ceilings.

Moreover, it has two sets of handles, one matches the paddles to give climbing effect, and the other handles are for when you want to focus on stair climbing. Also, the weslo stepfit climber has a height that can be easily adjusted and will suit most body types and build.

So even if you are 6′ 5 inches, you’ll have no issues using this climber. Moreover, it has an LCD that consistently shows heart rate, calories burned, and other data that you can use to track your progress. The digital console works with two AA batteries and even offers a media rack holder that you can use to store a device.

Maxi Climber Design Features

Maxi Climber Design Features 

On the other hand, the Maxi climber weighs only 33 pounds and takes up around 57×10 inches of space. It is lighter than the weslo stepfit and takes far less space, so if space is a concern, then you might be better off with the maxi climber.

However, this is a negligible factor as it is more of a con than a pro when comparing it to the maxi climber since it doesn’t offer height adjustments. The Maxi Climber comes with a steel frame with rubberized feet, which makes it very stable while in use.

Plus, it comes with four isometric non-stick handles that allow you to have a firm grip of the handles even if your palms get sweaty. Moreover, it also has two handles that are stationary for working on your legs alone while the remaining two moves to mimic a climbing motion and works your chest and pectorals muscles.

With the maxi climber, you also get a built-in timer, which indicates the start and end of a workout session. It also offers an LCD that shows the calorie loss, step count, and other workout metrics.

However, we found the position of the LCD screen a little awkward to read while working out. In addition to the LCD, the maxi climber also allows you to make use of their app that tracks your workouts, gives you meal plans, weight loss challenges and rewards you if you can accomplish your set goals.

The Verdict

So whether it is the Weslo StepFit Climber or the Maxi climber, both have been designed to provide results that you could only get from actual mountain climbing.

We recommend that you choose the Weslo Step fit as it offers more options and versatility than the Maxi Climber.

But either climber you go with will be a great addition to helping you meet your fitness goals. They both are a great way to stay in shape without hitting the gym. And you can quickly work out in the comfort of your home and get that toned body that you have been wanting.

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