Vigorfit Vs Total Gym – Which Is Better to Buy? (Updated Review)

Anyone searching online for a home gym solution knows about these two passionately debated products. We’ve reviewed both brands and have written reviews for many models of Total Gym’s. As a result, we’ll clear up all the misconceptions within this detailed comparison of the Vigorfit vs Total Gym.

Before we go any further, let’s set something straight…

Both Vigorfit and Total gym compete in the same market selling virtually the same type of all-in-one workout bench. Everything from general features, exercises, design, and functionality is nearly the same. The only real differences between vigorfit and total gym are brand names and product prices.

For a clearer picture, here’s a comparison of both brands.

Total Gym Vs VigorFit Brand Comparison

At a glance, each manufacturer has their pros and cons. However, Vigorfit Home Gym seemingly markets their product with too much emphasis on ‘I”m Better’ than Total Gym®. If you’ve been to their website, you would have seen how many mentions they make of why they are ‘this or that’ in comparison to total gym.

There’s nothing wrong with going after the top dog in the segment! We loved that their main aim was to make a better home gym equipment than Total Gym. As they did succeed in creating a fantastic all-in-one workout bench at a cost Total Gym just can’t beat.

Total Gym, on the other hand, has stuck to being the brand everyone knows and trusts over the years. With endorsements from celebrities such as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, they have earned their rep in a much wider audience than Vigorfit ever will. Moreover, they have a wider variety of models that they have been improving upon year after year.

Vigorfit on the other hand only has one product model the vigorfit 3000xl which is a “Jack of all trades but master of none.” So to make this comparison fair, we should be selecting a model from total gym that is close to the vigorfit 3000.

For this post, we’ve decided to compare the vigorfit 3000 vs total gym xls instead. A better model to use is the new Total Gym Fit, but we’ve decided to compare both companies best sellers instead.

Vigorfit 3000 vs Total Gym XLS Main Comparison

Vigorfit 3000 vs Total Gym XLS Main Comparison
Image Source: youtube/TotalGymDirect
ModelVigorfit Home GymTotal Gym XLS
Number of Exercises10785+
Levels of Resistance75*12
Maximum User Weight350 lbs450 lbs
# of Workout Tools &Attachments Included76
# of DVDs Included06
Dimensions Unfolded (WxLxH)19” x 90” x 43”18.5” x 93” x 44.5”
Unit Weight80 pounds83 lbs
WarrantyFull Lifetime WarrantyLifetime Warranty on Frame
PriceCheck Price Check Price

There are many comparative points between the vigorfit 3000 vs total gym xls. This is mainly because both products are popular in the home gym segment and feature a near similar design. Vigorfit offers more features and inclusions standard with the 3000 model than Total Gym Best selling XLS model.

Included with the Vigor fit is a Free push up bar, pull up bar, sit-up station, Toe bar, Squat board, weight bar with weight clips, Pilates kit, power bands, and a free workout manual.

The Total Gym Xls, in contrast, offers the same features but not all for free. Included in your purchase of a Total Gym XLS are a ribbed squat stand, wing attachments, leg pulley accessory, two ankle cuffs, and their best selling Ab crunch. In addition to the workout attachments, the XLS also includes a ‘Start It Up DVD’ trainer workout, a 6-8 minutes DVD workout which includes 12 workouts for both men and women.

It also includes a 3-DVDs set with Todd Durkin; a beginner Program, an Intermediate Program, and a 5-day Advanced workout program. The Total Gym XLS also includes their Exercise Wall Chart, Training Deck and Dan Isaacson’s Nutritional Program & Meal Plan.

What Are The Differences Between Vigorfit And Total Gym?

What Are The Differences Between Vigorfit And Total Gym?
Image Source: youtube/Sliding Bench Trainer

The main difference between the vigorfit vs total gym xls is that Vigorfit provides more attachments such as a free pilates kit and weight bar and clips. Vigorfit also offers more resistance levels than some Total Gym models like the XLS. However, Total Gym offers more value for money in the form of their training DVDs, Ab crunch attachment, nutritional guide & meal plans.

The XLS also features a padded pillow at the top of the glide-board for added comfort. Also, on the XLS model you get flexible nylon straps handles and rubber-coated steel cables for the pulley system. The vigor fit, on the other hand, uses a thin rope for their pulley setup.

Vigorfit only offers a workout manual with 107 workouts while the total gym xls offers an exercise wall chart, training deck plus the DVDs. Vigorfit is also providing an “EMAIL BASED” free personal trainer that will answer questions and assist with workouts. The Vigorfit has more exercises as default since it comes with a free pilate kit. Whereas on the Total Gym XLS you would need to purchase a Pilates package. The vigorfit includes the weight bar as a standard feature while the xls you have to buy the bar separately.

What Are The Similarities?

The similarities the total gym xls vs vigorfit 3000 is that both products are Bodyweight based Home Gym equipment. They both allow the same basic exercises and feature a resistance based pulley and incline level system. In addition, both include the same basic attachments.

What Is Functionality?

There is not much of a difference between the vigorfit and total gym in basic functionality. Both gyms come almost fully assembled and feature the ability to fold up for better storage. The total gym xls allows 80+ exercises while on the Vigorfit you can do a total of 107 exercises. To increase the total number of exercises for the XLS model you can purchase more attachments. PS. If you had to get all the attachments for the XLS, you would be able to do more exercises than the vigorfit.

What Are The Product Dimensions?

The dimensions of the vigorfit are 7 ft long by 3 feet 8 inches tall by 27 inches wide. When folded down, the vigorfit measures 51 inches long by 27 inches wide by 8 inches tall. In contrast, the total gym measures 19 inches wide by 90 inches long by 43 inches tall when unfolded. When folded down, it measures 19 inches wide by 51 inches long by 9 inches high. Both machines have the same length when unfolded.

The total gym xls has a smaller width for the glideboard and is one inch higher than the vigorfit when folded. In simpler terms, they both take up the same space as a regular iron board when folded. However, if you plan to store it under your bed and the clearance is less than 9 inches you won’t be able to.

What Is Resistance Levels?

One of the strong points of the vigor fit 3000 is its advantage in resistance levels. In its basic form without the power bands, you get 15 levels of resistance standard. But since you get five power bands, the total resistance level sits at 75* levels.

The total Gym XLS in contrast only offers six levels of resistance. Total Gym XLS allows you to use up to 56% of your body weight at level 6 while the vigorfit will enable you to use 72% of your weight at level 15. Keep in mind that you can add more weights to both machines.

What Are The User Weight Limits?

Vigorfit Gym has a user weight limit of 350 lbs which is a little less than the total gym. The total gym xls has a user weight limit of 400 lbs. This higher weight limit is great for persons that weight more than 300 pounds.

What Are The User Height Limit Limits?

The user height limit of the vigorfit gym and total gym is roughly 6ft 5 inches for comfort and full exercise range.


Vigorfit offers a better warranty in our opinion. However, both machines will rarely have any faults that will fall outside of the warranty. The total gym provides a lifetime warranty on the frame of the product while it only offers 6 months warranty for attachments. The vigorfit gyms, on the other hand, offers a full lifetime warranty.

Product Price

The most significant difference between the total gym vs vigorfit gm is the massive gap in product price. The price of a vigorfit at the time of writing is cheaper than the XLS model but not by a large margin. Plus you may be able to get a discounted price on the vigorfit depending on when you plan to purchase.

Total Gym XLS currently is priced higher than the Vigorfit on their website. However you also have the option to do a payment plan or a $1 trial of the Total Gym XLS if you check their site.

Click here to check the price of the Vigorfit.
Click here to check the price of the Total Gym XLS.

If You Might Want To Pick The Vigorfit Gym

  • Your body weight is less than 350 lbs.
  • You want to spend less on a machine.
  • You don’t mind not having the extra workout DVDs.
  • You’re not particularly picky about having ropes for the pulley system.

If You Might Want to Purchase The Total Gym XLS Model

  • Your bodyweight is more than 350 pounds.
  • You instead want to purchase the more trusted brand.
  • You want all the workout DVDs and attachments of the XLS model.
  • You don’t need 75* levels of resistance.
  • You prefer the more premium finish of the XLS.

Pros & Cons of Vigorfit


  • Allows more exercises out of the box.
  • Includes Pilates Kit.
  • Has more basic attachments
  • Cheaper than the total gym XLS
  • Has a Bumper to Bumper Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with power bands for more resistance.


  • Only has a user weight limit of 350lbs.
  • No exercise DVDs.
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Pros & Cons of Total Gym XLS


  • Includes a variety of exercise DVDs
  • The total gym xls includes an AbCrunch attachment.
  • Higher quality pulley system than the vigorfit.
  • The xls model has more inclusions such as a nutrition guide, charts, etc.
  • This model offers a lifetime warranty for frame.
  • Has the capability to add weights.
  • Has the capability to add full pilates kit.
  • Allows User weight limit of 400lb


  • More expensive than the vigorfit.
  • The XLS Has fewer Resistance levels.
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Wrapping Up

After comparing the vigorfit vs total gym, it’s evident that both models have a lot to offer. And whichever you decide to purchase would enable you to do a complete workout in the comfort of your own home. Storing both the total gym and vigor fit gym is similar and will take up the same amount of space.

And since the functionality of both models is the same in essence, choosing one over the other is a bit difficult. There have been vigorfit complaints that the travel of the machine is less than the total gym’s.

However, if you’ve never used a total gym machine, you might not notice it especially if you are on the shorter side. So the bottom line is that it all depends on which brand you trust more and the price you are willing to pay.

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