TRX Vs. Monkii

You have thought about it and done your research, and you decided that you are finally ready to purchase a suspension training system. These systems are essentially portable gyms that you can take and use almost anywhere. For optimal health and training, owning a suspension training system can be an important move.

Once you have decided to make the purchase, your next step is to choose a top system that is going to meet your needs. In your research, you may have come across the TRX system, often considered the grandfather of all suspension trainers, but you have been wondering if there are any TRX alternatives that you should have a look at.

While there are many high-quality, effective suspension training systems out there, two systems that are consistently vying for the top spot are the TRX Suspension Training System and the Monkii Bars 2.

In order to choose the system that will work best for you, it is essential to learn about all different TRX alternatives and how they compare to the TRX. By understanding the similarities and differences between the TRX system and Monkii Bars 2, you will know which one is best suited to meet your needs.

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How TRX And Monkii Bars 2 Are Similar?

Before diving headfirst into the TRX alternative, Monkii Bars 2, it is important to know how the two systems are similar.  These are some of the features that you will find very comparable in both suspension trainers:

  • High-quality construction. Both systems were well made, which means that you will not need to worry about something breaking or not working. Whichever system you choose, you are going to get something well built, durable, and strong.
  • The cost. Both the TRX and the Monkii Bars have a similar price, so the cost should not be a deciding factor. Monkii Bars is a tad bit more expensive, however, it has additional features to make up for it. Even with the added tools, Monkii Bars is still similar in cost. 
  • They are portable gyms. The systems were made to go anywhere. You will be able to take Monkii Bars or TRX wherever you need to go.

These similarities make either system a great choice. However, there are several differences that you will want to consider before deciding on the one that is right for you. 

Monkii Bars 2

Monkii Bars 2 is the second generation of Monkii Bars systems and it makes a great TRX alternative. This suspension training gym is much newer than TRX, which is often considered to be the grandfather of suspension training systems. The Monkii Bars 2 was designed using many of the same ideas as the TRX. Monkii Bars 2 strives to provide users with an effective way to train from home, or anywhere else that it can be set up.

The portability of Monkii Bars 2 is unbeatable. Extra light and easy to carry, the system has a seamless grip and is simple to move around. Monkii Bars 2 comes in a high-quality folding bag so users can take and use them anywhere. They contain adjustable straps which provide the additional height that you may need when using them. The straps also have removable foot straps, making the Monkii Bars 2 simple for users to perform certain exercises.

The Monkii Bars 2 also features a door unit, which enables the user to put the system over a door and use the straps to suspend it down. There is even a place for a phone which makes it easy to follow along with exercise videos. With Monkii Bars 2, most exercises are possible, including suspension, pull-ups, dips, sled drag, and many more.

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TRX Suspension Training System

The TRX system is one of the first and one of the best when it comes to suspension trainers. Contained in a mesh bag, the TRX system is light, easy to move, travel with, and use in most locations.

With several additional attachments, the TRX alternative provides users with multiple ways to exercise from anywhere.

One of the most high-quality systems for suspension training, the TRX is comfortable and simple to set up. In fact, overall, TRX is much easier and faster to set up and take down than Monkii Bars 2. The TRX handles and straps come as one piece, making them easy to set up and take down. All that is necessary when it is time to use the TRX Suspension Trainer, is to remove from the mesh bag and hook it up to an anchor.

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Which System Should You Choose?

The simplicity of TRX and the collection of exercises that comes along with it, make it a great choice for suspension trainer beginners. Unroll TRX, hook it up with one latch, and start pulling. It is that simple to get started with a high-quality, suspension-style workout.

Anyone who needs a bit more of an intensive workout, is already skilled at suspension training, or who has a bit more weight or height on them, may want to opt for Monkii Bars 2. The straps can be adjusted for various heights, making it possible to perform different exercises, and they come with additional features such as muscle rings, providing users with more options for training.

When you are choosing a system, another consideration is where you are most likely to use it. While both are designed for portability, Monkii Bars is easier to travel with and set up on the go using a door. For those who are searching for a high-quality, simple, bodyweight workout at home, TRX might be the best answer.

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The Final Verdict

No matter what suspension trainer that you use, you have made an excellent choice by deciding to focus on your health and fitness. Both trainers are excellent in terms of features and portability, so there is no wrong choice.

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