TRX For The Home

TRX stands for Total Resistance Exercise. The TRX system was designed and developed by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick. Hetrick was deployed and looking for a better workout when he created the first variation of the system. After retiring from the Navy, Hetrick brought his product to market with the help of private investors.

Today, Hetrick’s TRX training system is used by every branch of the military and available at over 40,000 gyms. But the TRX was not made to be used only in the gym. On the contrary, the TRX system was specifically designed to offer a targeted or full body workout anywhere whether at home or outside.

What is TRX Workout?

What is TRX Workout
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It is a training system that uses special bands to give you a suspension training workout. Suspension training uses your own body weight to work multiple muscle groups as once, increasing your strength, core stability, flexibility, and balance all at once.

A TRX workout was designed to be simple and approachable for all fitness levels. It does not matter if you are a world-class athlete or just entering the gym for the first time, everyone can use TRX for an effective and efficient workout.

When you first begin using a TRX, you will likely be doing some familiar moves like push-ups, chest presses, and lunges. The TRX straps will either add resistance or suspension depending upon the move.

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How TRX Works?

How TRX Works
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TRX works by using gravity and your own body weight to give you a full body workout. The straps are attached to a sturdy, stable, and strong overhead anchor point. From there, you can begin training using any number of different moves that can be modified to meet your personal needs and fitness goals.

For most moves with the TRX, some part of your body is usually suspended off the floor. For more intense workouts, your entire body is lifted into the air. For any particular move, if your body is not suspended, then it is positioned in a way to create additional resistance. The combination of resistance workout moves with the suspension system builds a massive amount of core stability. Your body also improves its balance and flexibility throughout every TRX workout.

Advantages And Disadvantages of TRX


  • Full body workout – The TRX training system can work every muscle group in your entire body. You can customize your workout to target specific muscle groups, or you can do a complete circuit and really feel the burn.
  • Easy to setup – Simply strap it up and go.
  • Small footprint – The entire system fits into once small pouch. No giant machines, no heavy weights, just one set of bands. The bands can be bundled up to fit into a small portable bag.
  • Train anywhere – Because of its portability, the TRX straps can be set up almost anywhere. Pack it in your carry-on for a hotel room workout or bring it with you during a run to get a strength training workout outside.


  • Learning curve – Setting up the TRX is easy enough but learning all the innumerable moves you can perform with it may take some time.
  • Beginner injuries – While you are learning how to use your TRX, you are more susceptible to injuries. If you can, seek the help of a professional trainer or TRX certified instructor to verify that you are performing the moves correctly. They can instruct you on your technique and make sure that you do not hurt yourself.
  • Requires some strength – Some core and upper body strength is required to perform many of the suspension training moves. If you are very weak, you could benefit from professional training to help build your upper body strength before attempting some of the more difficult moves.
  • Only a moderate leg workout – The TRX suspension does offer a full body workout but for the highest-level athletes, the leg workout it provides may not be sufficient.

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How to Set Up a TRX Outside?

How to Set Up a TRX Outside
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On warm Spring days, nothing beats having a workout outdoors. The gym is too stuffy, and you want to enjoy the breeze, budding flowers, and free Vitamin D. The TRX was designed so that it can be used anywhere, including outside.

First, you will need to find a suitable area. The TRX system requires 6-8 feet of workout space and a sturdy overhead anchor point that is roughly 7-9 feet off the ground. The anchor point needs to be strong enough to support your body weight. The ground should be a flat, non-skid surface. The most used locations are often a pull-up bar at the park, a large tree, or a post.

Wrap the suspension strap around the anchor point once or twice and then clip the carabiner to one of the suspension strap anchor loops or to the TRX itself. The foot cradles should be 4 inches from the ground. Give the TRX a firm pull to verify that it is securely attached before beginning your workout.

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What Are TRX Straps?

What Are TRX Straps
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TRX straps are the straps or ropes that make the TRX system work. They are made of an ultra-durable nylon material making them strong, kink-free, and portable. They take up very little room and do not weigh a lot so you can take them on the go. The TRX straps include an innovative locking loop that helps to prevent injuries and offers users more options for their workouts.


The TRX Suspension Trainer is a unique piece of gym equipment that offers a full-body workout anywhere. Fitness should be personal, and the TRX makes it so that you can tailor-fit your workout exactly how you want.

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