Total Gym TV Review – Great Workouts and Free Content!

Total Gym TV is a great addition for Total Gym owners. It provides high quality workouts for Total Gym equipment, and will be the preferred way to exercise with their Total Gym workout videos.

Total Gym TV Basic offers free streaming of Total Gym’s classic DVD library of 16 Total Gym workouts. The same routines previously available only on their DVDs. A reasonably-priced premium plan is available for a greater variety of Total Gym workouts.

What Is Total Gym TV?

What Is Total Gym TV?
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Total Gym TV is on-demand streaming video content that allows you to watch Total Gym workout videos from virtually any device whenever you want. They even provide free workouts that don’t require a subscription!

Total Gym has always provided multiple DVDs when people purchase one of their home gyms. Well, technically they probably provided VHS tapes at first! But as content moves to streaming platforms, fewer people own DVD players, so they needed to offer a more versatile platform.

One of the greatest benefits of streaming Total Gym workout routines is that home gym owners will be able to get access to new content without needing to purchase new DVDs. If you’re interested in more exercises, Total Gym TV offers a premium subscription which gives you access to a wider variety of workouts, more trainers, and new videos released every week.

If you’re still looking to buy a Total Gym, we have an overview of all the Total Gym models, and a comparison of the Total Gym Fit vs XLS.

How Does Total Gym TV Work?

The only requirement (aside from having a Total Gym) is an internet connection and a device to stream the Total Gym workout videos – either a smartphone, tablet, computer browser, or one of the supported streaming devices: Apple TV, Roku, or fire TV.

What Are the Total Gym TV Exercises?

What Are the Total Gym TV Exercises?
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Total Gym TV current has nearly 100 different workout videos, and release more each month. Users can choose from full 45-minute routines to quick-hit 10-to-15-minute intense, targeted workouts. The shorter exercises are designed to be time efficient. I appreciate that because while I always make time for exercise, it still seems like I never have enough time!

What I really like is the ability to create my own sequence of the shorter videos to create a unique regimen for each day, focusing on the muscle groups I want to target.

The Total Gym videos are recorded, not live, so if you perform best in a live setting, then this wouldn’t be the best option for you.

These are the workout categories currently on the Total Gym TV App and on Total Gym TV:

  • Total Body Workouts
  • Upper Body Workouts
  • Lower Body Workouts
  • Cardio and Fat Burning Workouts
  • Strength Building Workouts
  • Ab Workouts
  • Flexibility Workouts
  • Back Strengthening
  • Interval Workouts
  • Pilates
  • Full DVD Workouts from their Archives

How Much Does Total Gym TV Cost?

The basic plan is free for any Total Gym owner.

The premium plan is an annual subscription that includes all the content from the Basic level as well as a large variety of different workouts.

What is Included in Total Gym TV Basic?

Total Gym TV free version provides streaming access to the classic DVD library of 4 Classic Total Gym Workout Programs, as well as 3 new workout programs. The free version is 100% free always, and is not a timed trial.

What is Included in Total Gym TV Premium?

The premium option is an annual subscription, and includes the full catalog of Classic DVD workouts as well as nearly 100 (as of this writing) shorter, targeted workouts. The premium plan also includes at least 3 new videos released every month, so you’ll never tire of repetitive content.

That’s the part I like. I get bored watching the same videos again and again, so the fresh content really works for me.

The premium plan is $120/year “that prices might vary” (only $10/month — not bad at all). But it’s currently on sale for 40% off: only $69.95 if you sign up on the Total Gym website.

Does Total Gym TV Have an App?

Does Total Gym TV Have an App?
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Yes, the Total Gym TV App provides all the workouts including the free basic videos, and everything from the premium plan if you opt for that.

What Platforms Support Total Gym TV?

Total Gym TV is provided via app, internet browser, or various streaming services, including:

How Do You Setup a Total Gym?

How Do You Setup a Total Gym?
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This is one of the nicest features. Included with the workouts are videos for setting up your Total Gym XLS, Total Gym Fit, Total Gym Supreme…and any new model they release! There is also content for maintaining your Total Gym.

How Many Trainers Are There?

At launch, there are 6 different trainers leading workouts on Total Gym TV. Each trainer creates their own workout routines, so you’ll get a mix of content — both new trainers and new types of workouts each month.

Should I Get Total Gym TV Premium?

If you’re doing okay with the DVDs, then you might wish to try the basic plan, but there is probably no need to upgrade to the premium subscription. But for $120 or less per year, I think the premium subscription is a no brainer.

The wide selection of content is motivating, and the promise of new workouts every month has me hooked. Compared to similar apps, it would be difficult to find one with a better price that provides such a fantastic variety of updated content.

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