Total Gym Force Vs Total Gym 1600 (Full Comparison) – Which Is Better to Buy?

We know how difficult it can be to choose the right total gym product. So in this article, we’ll be comparing the Total Gym Force vs Total Gym 1600. Both total gym models are unquestionably one of the most efficient ways of getting a total body workout at home. 

The Total Gym X Force is a newer product in comparison to the Total Gym 1600. In addition to being newer, the total gym x force is also a higher-end model product than the total gym 1600 model.

But here’s the thing: They both essentially do the same thing. So is it worth it to purchase the newer Total gym X Force or, the older model total gym 1600? Let’s compare the total gym 1600 vs force!

A word of caution: The official seller has discontinued selling the total gym 1600 on their website. However, you can still purchase it through other vendors here.

Total Gym Force Vs Total Gym 1600 Main Comparison

We’ve spent the last two weeks with both machines and made a full in-depth comparison to see the difference between them. Here are the key points of comparison that we’ll discuss in the review — features, Cost, Warranty, User Weight Limit, User Height Limit, Product Dimensions, Product Weight, Functionality, and lastly the Pros and Cons.

What are The Included Features & Add-ons?

ParametersTotal Gym ForceTotal Gym 1600
Number of Exercises60+60+
Levels of Resistance612
Maximum User Weight350 lbs250 lbs
No of Workout Tools &Attachments Included75
No of DVDs Included21
Dimensions Unfolded (WxLxH)16"W x 92.5"L by 43"16"W x 92.5"L by 43"
Unit Weight75 lbs73.3 lbs
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck Price Check Price

Upon purchasing any one of these total gym machines, you can expect to receive a user manual, nutrition guide & meal plan, exercise DVDs, and an Exercise Flip Chart as standard.

These are typical features of any home gym you may choose to purchase online.

What are The Product Dimensions?

Both the total gym 1600 and total gym x force measure technically the same dimensions at 16″W x 92.5″L by 43 inches in height. The great news is that both folds up conveniently and stowing it away is relatively effortless. Another plus point is that they both measure roughly the same as a standard iron board when folded. When folded the new total gym x force dimensions measure 16″ Wide x 50.5″ Long x 8″ High.

What are The Product Weights?

The total gym 1600 weighs a total of 73.3 pounds while the total gym x force weighs 75 pounds.

What Attachments are Included?

What Attachments are Included
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Included with your purchase of a Total Gym 1600 are a dip bar, a multi-function attachment, press-up bars, leg pulley attachment, and a squat stand. These attachments will allow you to work out every muscle group in your body.

When comparing the total gym 1600 vs force, the latter has more to offer regarding included attachments. Another difference is that the total gym x force includes two workout DVDs; their Intermediate Program DVD with Todd Durkin and Total Body Workout DVD hosted by Rosalie Brown.

What Colors Do They Come In?

Color Difference between total gym 1600 and total gym x force might be a minor issue for some persons. However, if you are picky about the style and color of products in your home, then you’ll probably prefer the x force over the 1600 model.

The total gym 1600 has a black padded glide board with a greyish-white total gym logo with a blue outline. It also has a blue 1600 stripe on both sides of the board. The new X Force comes with a stylish black glide board with faded black and silver checkered dots. It also features an orange Total Gym logo with the orange x-force on the sides. The New Total gym x-force also has a padded pillow at the top which is not a part of the 1600 model.


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There are also some similarities and differences in functionality between both the x-force and total gym 1600. The first similarity is that they both can be used efficiently to do a full range of workouts. Both allow users to perform over 60 exercises. So you can expect to do cardio, stretching, and strength training all on the one piece of equipment.

Resistance Levels

Another critical difference between the Total Gym Force vs Total Gym 1600 model is the number of incline levels. The total gym x force has 12 levels of adjustments that use different percentages of your body weight. The total gym 1600 model on the other hand only has eight levels of incline. Having more levels means you have more control over your exercise.

User Weight Limit

Concerns over user height limitation are usual when purchasing home gyms. The good news is that from user reviews and our tests, we’ve had no problems on either end. Persons that are between 6ft 5″ and 4 ft 8″ can use the machine with no issues and do all exercises. So if you fall between either of these, you can be assured that you’ll have no problems.

Costs Difference

One of the most significant differences between the total gym force vs 1600 is the cost of either product. The total gym x force being a more premium and newer model costs nearly $100 more than the total gym 1600. With all the extra add-ons, stronger frame, better design and improved max weight limit we think the cost of the X Force is justified. Additionally, Total Gym has stopped selling the 1600 model on their website. Nevertheless, it can still be purchased through other sellers at a great price.

The Total Gym X-Force and 1600 model both have a one-year limited warranty. Even though you only receive a one year warranty, we’ve had total gym products for more than 10+ years without any issues.

Pros & Cons of Total Gym X Force


  • It includes new Tri-Grip Bar.
  • Comes with their Best Selling AbCrunch attachment.
  • It includes all the Attachments of the 1600 model.
  • Total Gym X-Force has a weight limit of 350lbs. 
  • Includes two workout DVDs
  • The X force has 12 incline levels.
  • Overall better-designed model than the 1600 model.


  • This model costs a little more.
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You Might Want to Purchase The Total Gym X-Force If:

  • You rather have more control over resistance levels.
  • Your weight is more than 250 lbs but less than 350 lbs.
  • You don’t mind spending a little extra for the newer model.
  • You want more versatility in your workout with the attachments provided.

Pros & Cons of Total Gym 1600


  • Allows 60+ exercises to be done.
  • It includes Squat Stand plus other attachments.
  • It has eight levels of incline.
  • Allows user weight limit of 250lbs.
  • Cheaper than the x-force model.


  • Not being sold by official website anymore.
  • Has less attachments than the total gym force.
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You Might Want to Purchase The Total Gym 1600 Model If:

  • You weigh less than 250 pounds.
  • You don’t mind having only eight levels of resistance.
  • You won’t mind taking the risk of purchasing the Total Gym 1600 from other vendors.
  • You want to save $100 on your total gym home gym machine.
  • You don’t need to do any ab exercises.

Our Verdict

Which machine you buy depends on many factors that we can’t guess. What we can say however is that Total Gym products are excellent choices for anyone looking to get fit and stay in shape at home. Both the 1600 model and force offer great features and inclusions for everyone. So, all in all, they are excellent choices for pulley based machines.

Whichever model you decide to go with between the total gym 1600 vs force, you definitely won’t regret your choice. However, you can check out this guide on the best total gyms to buy!

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