Total Gym 1900 Vs XLS In-Depth Comparison – Which Is Best To Buy?

As a regular user of Total Gym products, we’ve tested both models and compiled a detailed comparison of the total gym 1900 vs xls. The Total Gym XLS is a newer more improved Total Gym product than the Total Gym 1900 model. It has more features, stronger materials, and overall better functionality.

The 1900 model is also a great machine nonetheless. It similarly has all the expected features you would anticipate a Total Gym machine to have. Also, the costs between both machines differ significantly.

As we dive into this comparison, you’ll know clearly which machine to purchase and which is the better product of the two. So we’ll start by showing a full comparison chart so you can get a visual understanding of each.

Total Gym 1900 Vs Total Gym XLS Main Comparison

The main aspects of these two models that we’ll be comparing are the features, cost, user weight limit, product materials, resistance levels, functionality, user height limit, warranty and lastly the pros and cons.

Resistance Levels

Believe it or not, the resistance levels of the newer total gym xls is less than the 1900 model. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on what you are going for in your exercise. The Total Gym XLS only has six incline levels vs the total gym the 1900s 12 levels. The XLS model, however, offers a higher body weight percentage at a maximum of 54% of your weight for the incline levels.

The 1900 model on the other hand only ranges from 3 – 45% total body weight. With 12 levels of the 1900 model total gym, you can control the incline difficulty more gradually than on the xls.

What are The User Weight Limits & Height Limits?

The user weight between both models also differs a lot. The Total Gym 1900 only allows a maximum weight of 350 pounds while the xls model can accommodate loads up to 400lbs.

So your weight will determine which machine is a better option for you. The height limit for both machines is similar in that both very tall or short users can comfortably use them both. From our tests persons at heights of 6ft 6″ were able to do all the regular exercises on either machine freely.

ParametersTotal Gym XlsTotal Gym 1900
Number of Exercises80+60+
Levels of Resistance612
Maximum User Weight400 lbs350 lbs
# of Workout Tools &Attachments Included42
# of DVDs Included592.5 x 16 x 43.2 inches
Dimensions Unfolded (WxLxH)19” x 90” x 43”75 lbs
Unit Weight68 lbs1 year on frame
WarrantyLifetime Warranty on FrameTotal Gym Xls
PriceCheck Price Check Price



Functionality on the XLS model dominates the TG 1900 model. For example, the total gym xls allows users to perform up 80 different exercises while the 1900 model only allows 60. However, both machines can grant users a total body workout that includes stretching, cardio and strength training in 10 – 20 minutes.

They both can be folded up for easy storage and are the same size as a regular iron-board. Besides, all total gym models are already fully assembled and ready to use when you receive it.

What are The Included Features & Add-Ons?

Again, the total gym xls model dominates the total gym 1900 model with its abundance of features and add-ons. The 1900 model includes leg and wing attachments as standard features. However, for more features, you do have the option of purchasing the squat stand and ab crunch board.

On the other hand, the best selling total gym xls model comes equipped with the AbCrunch board, the Ribbed Squat Stand, Leg Pull Attachments, and Wing Attachments.

It also can take extra weights while the Total Gym 1900 do not allow this add-on.

More attachments on the xls model.

The XLS also includes five workout DVDs, an Exercise chart, A Meal Guide and a Training Deck. The Total Gym 1900 includes two exercise DVDs and the exercise chart.

Both units do offer the capability to do pilates, but you must check the model you are purchasing to see if they are included. If they aren’t then you will have to buy them as add-ons.

Difference in Product Materials and Color Between Total Gym XLS vs 1900

Difference in Product Materials and Color Between Total Gym XLS vs 1900
Image Source: totalgymdirect

Both machines were made with premium quality steel so you can expect to have a total home gym solution that will last a lifetime. The XLS model features an upgraded pulley and cable system and comfortable nylon strap handles. The glide-boards of both the Total gym 1900 and Xls are padded with head support for a more comfortable workout.

Although the Total Gym XLS is a newer machine, the Total Gym 1900 is an excellent piece of equipment overall. It is lightweight, very sturdy and practical for both beginners and fitness professionals. The color of the 1900 model comes in a standard black and red while the xls comes in blue and black.

Cost Difference

The costs of the total gym 1900 falls is a bit below cheaper than the total gym xls. However, that is expected as the XLS is a more premium product and was released later than the 1900 model.


Your warranty may vary depending on where you purchase your total gym equipment. On Total Gym’s website, for the xls model’s frame is a lifetime warranty while for the structure it is a 6-month warranty. The 1900 model is for up to 1 year. Be sure to check what guarantee you will receive.

Pros & Cons of Total Gym XLS


  • Higher Level of Body Weight Percentage Incline
  • Includes More Workout Add-ons
  • More top Quality Materials
  • Longer Product Warranty
  • Allows 400lb weight limit
  • Can Do Pilates


  • More expensive than 1900
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You Might Want To Buy The Total Gym XLS If:

  • You Weigh Over 350lbs.
  • You Don’t Mind Spending More For A Higher Model.
  • You Don’t Mind Having Only 6 Adjustment Levels.
  • You Want All The Add-ons included.
  • You Want up to 54% Body Weight For Strength Training.

Pros & Cons of Total Gym 1900


  • Great Starter Home Gym Solution
  • Up to 350 lbs Weight Limit
  • Ability to do Pilates
  • Allows 12 Levels of adjustment
  • Cheaper than the XLS model


  • Only uses a maximum of 45% Body Weight.
  • Has fewer features/add-ons than the xls.
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You Might Want To Buy The Total Gym 1900 If:

  • You weigh less than 250 lbs.
  • You want a high-quality total gym product at a great price.
  • You Want more control over the incline adjustments.
  • You Want more control over the incline adjustments.
  • You Don’t want to spend extra for the XLS model.

The Bottom Line

We think that the total gym 1900 model is an excellent piece of equipment for anyone interested in staying fit at home. We never regretted our purchase but if we had to choose between which is the better model between the Total Gym XLS vs 1900 we say it’s the XLS. The cost, however, is a factor that one must consider when deciding which to get and the Total Gym 1900 is good enough model!

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