Theravent Review – Does This EPAP Snoring Aid Really Work?

Listen up: Snoring is a disease that nearly everyone in the world will encounter some way or another in their lives.

It’s inevitable for you to meet someone that has this condition.

But there is hope; with the rise in technology, there are now products that you can use to eliminate snoring.

One such product is the Theravent Snore Therapy Strips which we will be reviewing right now. Recently, studies have shown that up to 59% of people have a partner that snores!

And worse than that is the fact that up to 22 Million Americans suffer from a more severe disease called Sleep Apnea. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Thinking about the numbers you can see that a good portion of the world has some form of sleep disorder.

And most of these diseases are dangerous medical conditions that require immediate medical attention. That’s why our Theravent review will possibly be a light in the tunnel for you! Think of it like this: If so many people are suffering, how is it that no one has found a proper solution to the problem? Well, many answers for snoring have been found.

However, finding the right solution that may suit you is the challenging part. As what works for one person might not be what works for you. Some persons find mouthguards great anti snoring devices. Some find CPAP machines to be better and the number one solution.

And finally, some think EPAP is best for solving their snoring dilemma. Unlike most, the expert reviewers at Bod Healthiness love to go in depth into every product on the market to bring you the best guides and information to solve your problems.

Why Should You Trust Our Theravent Review?

Why Should You Trust Our Theravent Review?
Image Source: youtube/ Theravent | Snoring Stops Here!

Our experts have spent the last Seven days thoroughly researching Theravent Therapy. We’ve looked over numerous reviews on theravent solutions.

We have also investigated many videos and read through thousands of legitimate user comments.

In creating this theravent review, we have gone further in-depth than most other reviewers and did thorough background research on the technologies behind the device. Most of all, we all have a partner that snore.

As such we understand your worries and have made it our point of duty to find the best solutions to snoring.

Who Should Get This?

Who Should Get This
Image Source: youtube/ Theravent | Snoring Stops Here!

This device is not for everyone.

And appropriately so for some reasons which we’ll inform you of now. Snoring has many causes, and to accurately eliminate snoring, you must first understand its roots.

In most instances, it is caused by the blockage of the airways when you sleep.

Either by your tongue collapsing on the airways or from the mandibular which rests on your throat when you sleep on your back.

You can get a clue by noting the position in which your snoring becomes louder or more apparent.

Some people only snore while they are laying on their backs. Others snore while they side sleep while some persons snore regardless.

Understanding where you stand is a good starting point to find out which solution will work for you.

There are many solutions to snoring; you can either go with a mouthguard, a chinstrap, an EPAP device or CPAP.

Knowing what type of sleep apnea you are affected with is also critical to understand which method you should try out first.

Sleep apnea has three categories that signify different things and will require different things to solve each. 

The first condition is known as Obstructive Sleep apnea where the tongue collapses and causes blockage of the airways.

The second state is known as central sleep apnea where the brain itself fails in sending a signal to the lung to breathe.

This condition causes you to have shortstops in your breathing at nights.

The last is called complex sleep apnea which is a combination of both states where the airways are collapsed, and your brain sometimes doesn’t send the signal to breathe to the muscles.

The snoring strips use EPAP as its method for solving snoring. Theravent anti-snoring strips are helpful for persons with any form of sleep apnea.

However, it has been tested and shown to be useful for SNORING as such; we recommend that anyone that is comfortable with EPAP give this device a try.

What is Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy?

What is Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy?
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Theravent is a snoring solution that comes in the form of an adhesive strip.

The product is neatly designed and comfortably fits your nostrils while still allowing you to breathe without a hassle.

As the first EPAP nasal device approved by the FDA, Theravent has become a commercial selling anti-snoring device that has been clinically tested and shown to reduce and in many instances eliminate snoring.

The product is available for purchase in three strengths which are useful for different types of snoring. So if you are a light snorer theravent has a lite nasal strip suitable for you.

They also have pieces that accommodate moderate and heavy snoring.

We recommend that before starting with theravent, you do proper research to determine what type of snorer you are.

Additionally, you can purchase the trial pack which includes all three types of strips of lite, regular and max strength.

After buying the trial pack, the company recommends that you use one piece each day for three days to see which suits you best.

The order in which you use them does not matter. After the trial, you will be able to choose which snoring strip is more efficient in eliminating your snoring.

How Does it Work?

How Does it Work

Theravent anti-snoring strips are comfortable adhesive strips that are placed over the nostrils just before you sleep.

It uses microvalve technology that is specially designed to make expiratory positive airway pressure.

This EPAP allows the airways to gently open and eliminates the vibrations that cause snoring.

The theory behind these anti-snoring strips can be thought of like this; after applying the strips over your nostrils, the Theravent air vents open up as you breathe in.

Then it slows air release slightly when you exhale, this slowing of air release will make your airways vibrate less and in turn, reduce or eliminate the sounds of snoring.

All of these factors make Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy ideal for persons looking for an inexpensive method of reducing their snoring sounds.

And better still, it is a non-invasive anti-snoring solution that is just as effective as many other forms of snoring products available for purchase.

What is Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure(EPAP)?

What is Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure(EPAP)?
Image Source: sleeprigh

By definition, EPAP is a treatment that was created to combat obstructive sleep apnea.

Most expiratory positive airway pressure devices are designed to allow air to be inhaled but not exhaled as quickly through the two small valves that are on them. 

The valves are held in place around the nostrils by an adhesive that sticks to the outside of the nose.The technique by which EPAP was theorized to work is still unclear. However, experts say that the resistance in respiration leads to a buildup of CO2.

This accumulation, in turn, causes the upper airways to open wider resulting in smoother air flows for the next inspiration. EPAP was not meant to eliminate snoring altogether but to reduce it.

What is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP)?

What is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP)?
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CPAP is a kind of positive airway pressure ventilator whose sole purpose is to apply mild air pressure on a continuous basis.

During both inspiration and expiration, this constant force helps to keep the airways open for persons who can breathe automatically on their own. In all instances, the CPAP therapy is utilized by machines that can consistently deliver a steady flow of pressure to the airways.

CPAP machines however sometimes have additional features that may be of benefit to persons with sleep apnea such as heated humidifiers.

CPAP is also one of the most effective treatments for obstructive sleep apnea to date.

What are The Key Differences Between EPAP And CPAP?

What are The Key Differences Between EPAP And CPAP?
Image Source: sleepfoundation

EPAP solutions in most cases offer a more natural and less invasive method of reducing snoring. It is usually very cheap and is most times available for purchase without having to be supervised by a medical professional. CPAP devices are usually costly and have to be prescribed by a medical professional to be completely safe. CPAP however, eliminates snoring when it works while most EPAP devices only reduce snoring and do not get rid of it entirely.

Does Theravent Work to Stop Snoring?

The primary purpose of this Theravent review was to identify whether the anti-snoring strips will work to get rid of snoring.

And based on our finds from user feedback and experience is that it does not get rid of it. Most persons, however, have commented that while snoring is not eliminated; it is lessened to a considerable extent. There were quite a few factors which we identified from what users have experienced.

Some persons as we mentioned at the beginning of this review did not determine where they stand.

If you are a mouth breather and snorer, Theravent will not work for you. However, if you are a mouth breather, it may work.

Check out the pros and cons we have found after reviewing Theravent and consensus from Theravent amazon reviewers.

Bottom Line

Now that you’re at the end of our Theravent review, we’d like to end by saying; there are other anti-snoring devices out there.

And some are more effective than others.

Sadly Theravent isn’t the best on the market, but it’s still worth giving a shot if you don’t mind EPAP devices.

In most instances, it won’t completely rid you of your snoring as that wasn’t what the company created it to do. It will however significantly reduce snoring for persons who breathe through their noses.

And that’s our take after reviewing Theravent Advanced Nightly Snore Therapy. See you in the next one.

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