Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer Review

If you’re looking around for exercise equipment that you can do a full body work out on without straining yourself, the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer is all you’ll ever need.

It features the latest fitness technologies so you will be able to tone your legs and arms and burn more calories than you would do through regular exercises.

The Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross trainer is built with people of all ages, conditions, and fitness levels in mind. So if you’re only just starting on your fitness journey or you want to keep fit as you recover from an injury, this recumbent cross-trainer is as safe to use as any rehabilitation equipment found in physical therapy clinics.

No matter your height and weight, the Teeter FreeStep is fully customizable to support and give anyone a comfortable and effective workout.

As you go on with this review of the Teeter Freestep Cross Trainer, you’ll find out more about its features and why it’s an excellent addition to your home gym.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter FreeStep Recumbent bike was released early last year. And thanks to the impressive functionalities it boasts, it is showing no signs of fading into the background as its sales soared in 2019.

You can find tons of glowing reviews about this equipment, and it’s hard not to see why. All of our readers who bought a Teeter Freestep recumbent bike were quick to give it 5-star ratings because of the results that they got from it and the overall positive experience that they continue to get with this machine.

With just a glance at the large and comfy pedals to its adjustable seat and backrest, you can tell that you’ll be able to work out in ultimate comfort. Moreover, its soundlessly smooth magnetic resistance will help aid you along as you progress.

Best of all, if you purchase the Teeter FreeStep, you’ll be getting features that are usually only found on other exercise bikes that go for upwards of $2000. Plus, you won’t have to pay nearly as much for this recumbent cross-trainer. Keep reading as we go in-depth into all its features:


One of the unique features on the Teeter FreeStep’s pedals is that they operate in a linear stepping motion. Unlike most recumbent bikes that have more of a circular motion, the design of the pedals on the FreeStep reduces the stress on the knees.

Moreover, the pedals have a lot of room to fit large feet. And thanks to the indented surface, you’ll have a lot of traction for your feet. They also have raised edges as another safety measure.


As for the handlebars, you can adjust them vertically to accommodate any user height. So any of your family members will be able to get on and adjust the handles to their height comfortably.

There are also handlebars behind the seat if you only want to work on your legs. This design is perfect if you want to switch up and give your arms rest by alternating between handlebars at the front. Moreover, all the handlebars have a padded covering for a better grip when you start to sweat during your workout.

Seat and Backrest

Seat and Backrest
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Like the handlebars of the Teeter FreeStep Cross trainer, the seat can also be adjusted. So it doesn’t matter if you’re on the short or tall side, you will be able to find the best sitting position. The seat is vertically adjustable, so anyone of any height should be able to use this recumbent bike.

Plus, the backrest offers soft but firm support, and it can be tilted into three reclining angles. If you want a more relaxed cardio workout, you can recline the backrest while you pedal. Overall, the comfort level of the Teeter recumbent cross trainer is among the best we’ve ever experienced.


The console runs on a basic program that is very straightforward to use. However, it doesn’t have a backlight, so that might be a negative if you use it in a darkly lit room. But thankfully, it has enough functionality to keep track of your workout progress. The digital display of the Teeter FreeStep automatically records data such as time, speed, calories burned, which is enough for most users.

It doesn’t come with a fancy wireless connection, so you can’t hook it up to online fitness trackers. However, we’ve never seen any complaints as most users are okay with this because they can easily use whatever app they want on their phone and log their progress themselves.

Frame And Transportation Wheels

The Teeter’s frame is made from heavy-duty commercial-grade materials – meaning, they’re made to withstand a lot of weight and a lot of use. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs that makes it a tremendous recumbent cross-trainer.

And despite its high durability, it still maintains a relatively smaller footprint than your average recumbent bike. The entire frame can be adjusted using the levellers in the back, and the front wheels have an anti-scratch covering to protect your floors. It has built-in transport wheels in the rear should you want to move the machine somewhere else.

Joint Mechanism

For a frictionless workout, this recumbent bike is truly the way to go. With its patented rear-drive stride, no harsh impact should be put on your joints while they are in motion. And because there is no friction in its linkage system, working out on the Teeter FreeStep is ultra-quiet. You could be working out on it in the next room without anyone else knowing about it.


Another outstanding feature of the Teeter FreeStep is its ability to offer resistance both in the handlebars and pedals simultaneously. It’s hard to find this feature on most other recumbent bikes as they usually have only lower-body resistance adjustments.

But with the Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross trainer, you get resistance for both. Moreover, you can adjust the quiet magnetic resistance level easily with the dial located right next to the seat.

You won’t have to get off the bike or lean in uncomfortably to reach it. Plus, there are no set levels, so you can turn the dial in any increment that you’d like, thanks to the variable magnetic resistance.

Even the fittest people find higher resistance levels challenging, so you don’t have to worry about plateauing or finding your workout too easy.

Assembly And Shipping

You can choose to assemble the Teeter FreeStep on your own, but we recommend that you have someone else there to help you. It should take an hour to assemble the recumbent cross-trainer fully. But with enough patience, you’ll be able to get through it and save yourself some cash.

Teeter provides some included tools in the package, but you will need to whip out your toolbox to get things done faster. And if you’re not confident in your assembly skills, you can pay the extra $80 to have a professional assemble it for you.

The Teeter FreeStep Cross Trainer has a shipping weight of 131 lbs. And you can have it delivered at your door for free, depending on where you are. It should take no more than ten days for you to receive it.

Pros & Cons


  • It is a very compact recumbent cross training machine.
  • The Teeter FreeStep has one of the lowest prices for features it offers.
  • It has a max user weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • You get the ability to perform full body workouts on this machine.
  • It has a very small footprint and is easy to assemble.


  • It doesn’t come with any built-in workout programs.
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Teeter is known for its low-impact exercise equipment and has been one of the highest-rated producers for over 35 years. This model, as one of their latest offerings, is proof that they haven’t stopped improving their game.

With the Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross trainer, you are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories, all while maintaining your bone and joint health at home. Plus, it’s very affordable, considering its features, which are only in more high-end exercise machines.

Anyone in your family can benefit from this all-in-one recumbent bike, no matter their age, size, or bodily limitations. As such, we recommend this as the #1 choice for a recumbent cross trainer!

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