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What do we do at bodhealthiness?

We are one of the fastest growing resources online for information and advice on Health & Wellness, and it is our greatest desire to see you, our readers healthy in both mind and body. Our experts take the information and studies that are typically very difficult to understand! Break them down in their most straightforward formats so that you don’t have to!

three steps to health

We believe that perfect health exists, it’s not a myth as others might have you think. In Fact:We believe that it can be achieved in three(3) easy steps. Proper Rest, Proper Nutrition and some Good Exercise. Yes, it’s that easy! Just getting these three things in harmony will bring about a drastic change in your life. You’ll feel it instantly the moment you achieve balance in these aspects of your life. Our aim is to get you to understand what we mean by “Perfect” Rest, Nutrition and Exercise.

A Word Of Caution

We do not guarantee you’ll be able to achieve perfect balance in these three aspects of your life, as the solution for one person might not be the same for the other. We advise you to always seek medical advice from your doctor before deciding to alter any aspect of your life. Our Goal is to solely inform and make you aware by simplifying the difficult to understand information.

Common Misconceptions about health

Before going any further, we need to correct a few misconceptions most people have about their health and wellness.Believe it or not, most people never considered the hidden truth of their health and the lies they’ve been lead to believe. Here are the misconceptions and the truth you need to know:

1. Your Body is a Machine, once it’s broken you need to change parts.

You Can’t Just Change Body Parts to Heal

Your body is a machine is one of the cornerstone misconceptions about health. Your body isn’t a machine. And chronic illnesses aren’t just affecting parts; it’s affecting your entire system. The Human Body is far more complicated than any machine that man has ever created. Our bodies are composed of billions of cells that have to act in harmony. Whenever some of our cells are out of whack, chronic illnesses occur. These illnesses are your bodies way of telling you to stop there’s something wrong! And changing a part does more harm than good in most cases.

2Medications Heal the Body.

The Human Body Heals Itself.

Your body does not rely on medications to heal. It heals itself with time, proper rest, nutrition and exercise. You can’t force the body to recover. It’s something that happens naturally. As such, encouraging natural healing nearly always generates a more favorable result than other solutions.

3. Alternative Medicines aren’t a Fad.

Alternative medicines help.

Most people assume alternative medicine don’t work because they have been lead to believe otherwise. Alternate Medicine refers to things like homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, etc. Look: They work. Anything that aids the body in healing itself will work, as the body’s natural ability to restore itself is second to none. 

Why you should Follow BODHEALTHINESS

We provide practical health information on the topics that matter most to you. Our goal is always for you to achieve perfect health! Following that goal, we provide the highest quality information that is completely honest, accurate and easy to follow.If you would like to:

  • Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices
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  • Live Longer and Feel Stronger
  • Learn about natural remedies

We’ve covered all these topics on our site, and we know they will provide you with all you need to know.


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