SnoreRX Review – Good Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece? Read This Before Buying

Snoring is a pain in the ***.

However, it is also a fact of life, and nearly everyone deals with it in some form or another. Which means that either you snore, or your spouse or a family member snores!

The good thing is there are ways to overcome snoring. One such method is by using the SnoreRX anti-snoring mouth device.

Most people underestimate the magnitude of snoring. They think that it is just a minor issue that a spouse or family member only needs to get rid of by some weird magic.

Overcoming snoring is mostly an impossible task unless you start using the SnoreRX mouthpiece or any similar anti-snoring device.

Consider this fact:

People who snore regularly are more than five(5) times likely to develop diseases such as stroke, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and in most cases have higher cholesterol than non-snorers. As such, it is essential to know the causes of your snoring.

Consequently, understand that by following specific steps and treatments you can significantly reduce or eliminate your snoring.

We have spent the past three months, and many hours of research, in meticulously reviewing over 30 Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece. We found that some get the job done while others are just for show and does not work as claimed.

The SnoreRX anti-snoring device is one of the few we reviewed that gets the job done.

Despite what you may have heard…

Snoring is common, but it is by no means normal. There are many causes of snoring and depending on the cause of your snoring you may need to seek medical assistance.

If your snoring is caused by dangerous medical conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea snoring mouthpieces might not efficiently work for you.

However, for most benign snorers anti-snoring devices work just fine and in many cases eliminate the snoring.

What is SnoreRx?

What is SnoreRx?
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The SnoreRX is a unique mandibular advancement device that is produced in the United States.

The FDA approves it, and the American Sleep Association also certifies it. 

Most anti-snoring mouthpieces that use MADs technology only allow advancement by a set amount.

The SnoreRX mouthpiece is different in that it allows ten different lower jaw settings which a user can choose whenever they desire.

Each adjustment can be done in 1mm increments and will enable you to bring the lower jaw forward as much as 10mm. By bringing the jaw forward just a few additional millimeters, you stand a higher chance of reducing snoring more than with other devices.

Here’s why: By bringing the lower jaw forward a certain distance even just slightly, you allow more air to pass through your air passages. Snoring in most cases happens as a result of blocked airways in your throat.

When you sleep, your tongue collapses to the back of your and blocks or dramatically reduces airflow to your lungs. This reduction in airflow causes you to breath harder. Which in turn causes the vibrations in your throat which is what produces the sounds we refer to as snoring.

By bringing the lower jaw forward through the use of Mandibular Advancement Devices(MADs), you ensure that the airways are kept open. So this causes you to breathe easier and snore less or stop snoring completely. 

The SnoreRX achieves this with the use of the micro-adjustments we mentioned earlier. Moreover, it is the only anti-snoring MADs device that allows adjustable settings in the lower jaw; allowing you to have a truly perfect fit based on your comfort.

Another essential point to note about this mouthpiece is that all the components are made entirely from premium medical grade copolymer materials. Additionally, the materials used to make the device is latex free.

The SnoreRx uses a simple boil and bite process to get the best fitting for your teeth.

Also, you can adjust the mouthpiece up to three times. So if the impressions made by your teeth on the first fit are not how you want it, you can just repeat the fitting process.

What are The Noteworthy Features of SnoreRx?

What are The Noteworthy Features of SnoreRx?
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The main thing that makes this product stand out from others on the market is its ability to be adjusted by 1mm increments. There is also the fact that it allows you a truly custom fit which only two similar anti-snoring mouthpiece allows.

Another feature is the SnoreRx Posi-Lock allows you to readjust the device at any time for a truly comfortable feel. The mouthpiece is designed to prevent torsion which can cause severe pain after prolonged usage.

It also works well enough for persons that occasionally breathe through their mouth. Moreover, the copolymer material provides adequate comfort which makes it very comfortable for sleeping long hours.

As was mentioned earlier, the SnoreRx is made from medical grade copolymer materials. This material allows the device to be extremely durable. Other Anti-Snoring devices typically last up to 6 months while the SnoreRx lasts upwards of 11 months to 15 in recent tests.

The seller offers a free 30-day satisfaction guarantee trial for you to see whether you are satisfied with the device and the results. Also, it is available for purchase in many countries, unlike some other snoring devices we have reviewed.

How Much Does SnoreRx Cost?

The price tag on the SnoreRx is a lot less than what we had expected. Which in itself was very surprising considering all the features, quality material used and it being a product that was made in the United States.

Base price for One(1) of the device starts at $99 which is a steal if you look at the cost of the SnoreRx competition. You are also able to Save More if you opt for the multi-purchase Discount by ordering Two(2) of them at the cost of $154.

That is nearly half price on the second anti-snoring mouthpiece. It might not seem much at first glance if you have never used the product and might be doubtful of the effectiveness.

We recommend opting for the multi-discount option as we know you will find the SnoreRx useful in reducing your snoring. Shipping costs for the product vary from country to country depending on shipping method as with any other item you purchase online.

The charges would be roughly $10 bucks for one piece or $14.95 if you opted for the multi-discount option. Moreover, the product can be shipped internationally to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Custom Fitting Process of SnoreRX Mouthpiece

Custom Fitting Process of SnoreRX Mouthpiece
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SnoreRx uses a simple boil and bite to get a comfortable fit based on your teeth and jaw structure. This fitting process is pretty much the same as every other MADs anti-snoring device you can find.

The difference, however, is that unlike most other similar MADs you only have one shot at a fitting.

With this product, you can re-do the impression if you think it was not done suitably or is defined. You can reboil and try to fit it up to three(3) times. According to the manufacturer’s website and instruction videos, we have listed the exact fitting process.

Before fitting, you will need to gather a few items. You will need 2 cups, 1 for the boiled water and 1 for the warm or cold water. You will also need a tong to grab the mouthpiece from the water and lastly a timer.

If you do not think the impressions were correctly done or are not deep enough you can go through the steps up to three times.

Note that the product does not retain heat so it will not burn your mouth if you skip step 3.

Does SnoreRX Work For Everyone?

Does SnoreRX Work For Everyone?
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The short answer is yes but with conditions. In truth, no product will work for “everyone” especially snoring products. The reasoning behind it is that everyone has different reasons why they snore.

Moreover, some conditions require more advanced treatments such as a CPAP device or medical assessments. For moderate snorers that do not have a medical condition, SnoreRx will work for just about everyone. As a custom-fitted anti-snoring Mandibular Advancement Device it can be molded exactly to your jaw and teeth structure.

The device will help in improving your breathing thus reducing or eliminating snoring.American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine has approved products of this nature as safe and effective in reducing or eliminating snoring. Furthermore, the device is far too large to be swallowed and does not have any small parts that will fall off in your mouth.

In addition to the custom calibration available with the SnoreRx, we can safely say that the device should work just fine for nearly everyone.If you wear dentures or have certain oral conditions or infections, we recommend that you consult with your dentist.

SnoreRX Right For You?

SnoreRX Right For You
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Look: If you are tired of your snoring or a spouse, then this product will work well in reducing or eliminating the problem.

The SnoreRx is one of the few high-quality Mandibular Advancement Devices that you can purchase online or in stores without a prescription. It is highly customizable and should fit everyone.

The incremental adjusts also make it a fantastic product. Also, the custom fit you can get after you boil and bite the device will give you a truly comfortable fit.

With the current discounted prices available online at $99 for one or $154 for two purchasing the SnoreRx is a steal. So we would advise that you grab the opportunity while it is available. 

There are few anti-snoring MADs out there that can compete with the SnoreRx in achieving the results you will get from it. As such we think that it is genuinely a fantastic mouthpiece and should work correctly for you.

Our pros and cons section should be able to provide more valuable insight into the product. Moreover, you can use them to choose if the SnoreRx is genuinely right for you.

Pros & Cons of SnoreRX


  • Custom 1mm adjustments using Flex-Jaw design up to 10mm
  • It allows air flow through the front of the device with its V-Flow Design.
  • The Posi-Lock allows your settings to be locked in until you decide to reset or change it.
  • The calibrator increments are defined allowing you to read and adjust the lower half easily to your comfort.
  • Uses Boil and Bite to achieve a perfect fit, and can be done a maximum of three times.
  • The mouthpiece is free of Latex, acrylic and Bisphenol A(BPA).
  • The product is made in the USA
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • Longer lifespan than more devices of the same category, 12-14 months.
  • The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • SnoreRx uses fast shipping through FedEx and not snail mail.
  • Available to be purchased and shipped to over 30 countries.
  • It does not cause torsion or continuous pressure.
  • The price point of the device is very low for the features offered.


  • Like every other mouthpiece, it will cause a bit of drooling until you are used to it.
  • A person that has dentures that are less than a year old should not wear this product.
  • It may cause a small amount of soreness on your first few uses.
  • It requires additional cleaning effort.

All things have their pros and cons, some more than others as is the case with the SnoreRx. However, this product is one of the few anti-snoring devices with more advantages to finding than cons.

We have cross-checked out findings with many top reviewers and customer feedback and saw no significant differences in our results and theirs.

What is Our Verdict After Reviewing SnoreRx?

We have read numerous user feedbacks and done extensive research on anti-snoring devices. Hence we are confident when we say that something is good or bad. So this product is a good one as can be seen in this SnoreRx Review. There are very few oral appliances out there that can achieve the things that this one has for the price.

Also, to make it even better the pros we have listed above far outweigh the cons. All the negatives of the product are ignorable with a few uses of the device, proper cleaning and time. Most persons that have reviewed the SnoreRx have testified to it being very comfortable. They have even praised that it is a much better option than a lot of its competition in the Oral Mouthpiece market space.

Best of all, the few persons that weren’t satisfied with the results gained were able to claim a refund quickly. All of these factors make this a product that is extremely hard to beat.

That made us score the product at 4.6 rating!

Final Thoughts

There is a lot more we would like to tell you more about the product, but most of the critical details are covered.

What’s left is for you purchase the device yourself and watch as you significantly reduce or eliminate your snoring. It is important to note again that what works for one person may not work for you.

Moreover, you may have some issues with the product depending on the causes of your snoring. However, the bottom line is this is a great device. Furthermore, it is one that we can safely recommend you giving a try especially with the incredible discounts they have available.

Should you require more information, take a look at our other reviews.

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