Schwinn 470 Elliptical Review: A Complete Guide

The Schwinn 470 is a premium elliptical by the brand. It includes impressive features like a 20-inch stride length, multiple user profiles, and built-in workout programs.

An elliptical can help you meet fitness goals like improved endurance and strength or weight loss. You can get a total body workout with moving handlebars. It can also help individuals with joint issues get back into fitness.

The Schwinn 470 has large footplates and ergonomically placed fixed and moving handlebars. It includes a motorized adjustable ramp and 25 levels of eddy current resistance or fun and challenging workouts.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

4.1 Overall Editor Rating

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

  • Travel through 200+ stunning virtual courses
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • 29 workout programs
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You can create up to four user profiles. There are contact heart rate sensors on the fixed handlebars. You can transfer your workout tracking data to other fitness apps with its Bluetooth capability.

The elliptical, though, has over a $1000 price tag. It has a relatively large footprint. It can support a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs, which is the same as the entry-level models by Schwinn.

So, is buying the elliptical a wise choice? Let us start with our Schwinn 470 elliptical review to know more.

Product Overview
ModelSchwinn 470 Elliptical
Machine Dimensions70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches
Machine Weight164 lbs
Package Dimensions51 x 33 x 22 inches
Maximum User Weight300 lbs
Maximum Pedal Height26 inches
Stride Length20 inches with Precision Path Foot Motion technology
Resistance25 eddy current resistance levels
Incline10 degree motorized adjustable ramp
Workout Options29 workout programs
User Profile4
Display2 DualTrack blue backlit LCD
CostStarts from $1,099.99
Warranty10-year frame, 2-year parts, 1-year electronics, 90-day labor
Amazon Rating4.1 out of 5 (6,127 ratings)

About Schwinn

Schwinn has been a leader in innovation since the late 1800s. The company first started as Arnold, Schwinn & Company and dominated the market with their bikes.

They later made a foray into home fitness equipment with their exercise bikes. Schwinn offers several products like ellipticals, indoor cycling, recumbent bikes, and accessories today.

Schwinn’s elliptical range includes budget-friendly and premium options suitable for different user requirements. In case of any issues, you can contact Schwinn’s customer care team from Monday to Friday between 6 AM and 5 PM PDT.

Who is the Schwinn 470 Elliptical For?

The Schwinn 470 is meant for home gyms with enough space. The elliptical is heavy, and it takes up quite some floor space.

It is an ideal elliptical for taller individuals. It offers a stride length of 20 inches, which gives them a full range of motion.

You will find the adjustable resistance and incline levels helpful if you want to improve your fitness level. There are built-in workout programs suitable for beginners and experienced users.

You can create up to four unique profiles. So you and your family can use the elliptical, set goals, and track results on their own profiles.

5 Important Factors we Tested the Product on

We tested the elliptical on various factors like build, features, setup, and user experience. Here is how the 470 elliptical fared.

1. Design


Once you assemble the Schwinn 470, its dimensions are 70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches. You should also have enough space around the machine to move freely. The elliptical is on the heavier end, weighing about 164 lbs.

It is a front-drive elliptical fitted with a high-speed, high-inertia perimeter weighted flywheel. This makes the elliptical motion smooth and quiet.

The elliptical is equipped with large footplates. This allows you to place your feet in your preferred position. Additionally, the footplates are cushioned, making the workouts easier on your joints.

There are ergonomically placed fixed and moving handlebars, providing a total body workout.

The elliptical has 2 DualTrack blue backlit LCDs. You can view values like user, goal, intensity, and achievement data on the upper display. The lower display shows speed, time, distance, level, and RPM details.

It includes other accessories like a 3-speed fan, water bottle holder, and transport wheels.

2. Ease of Assembly

It can take about two to three hours to assemble the elliptical. The assembly manual is pretty descriptive, with steps and illustrations. It would be best if you had one other person helping you with assembly.

Ensure you assemble the elliptical in your home gym or any other room in which you intend to place the machine. This is because the machine weighs about 164 lbs. It has transport wheels attached, but moving the assembled elliptical can be a task.

If you are not good with assembly, you can get the in-house assembly service from Schwinn. A qualified technician will assemble the elliptical in the room of your choice. It will cost you around $250 for the service.

3. Ease of Use

Ease of Use

You can start by setting up your user profile. You can store data like your name, age, gender, height, weight, and preferred workout values. You can create up to four such profiles. You can then select a profile and start with your workout session.

You can skip the user profile step and simply start with the quick start program. This will start your session with a default resistance level of 4, and the time will count up from 00:00.

The console is pretty easy to understand and use. There are quick buttons available for resistance and incline. There are 25 resistance levels available, and the quick buttons are 1, 5, 10, 18, and 25.

Similarly, the incline level quick buttons available are 0, 20, 40, 70, and 100.

If you want to have more control over the resistance and the incline levels, you can use the up and down arrow buttons.

You can press the programs button to select a workout category and program.

Overall, the 470 elliptical has a better console than the 411 and 430 elliptical models.

4. Workout Options

The 470 elliptical offers the highest number of built-in workouts in the Schwinn elliptical range. The 29 programs are categorized as profile, heart rate control, custom, fitness test, recovery, and quick start.

The quick start program lets you start a workout without inputting any details. The resistance is set to four by default. You can adjust the resistance and incline as your fitness level.

The profile programs are further categorized into fun rides, mountains, and challenges.

The fitness test program measures the improvements to your fitness level by comparing the power output to your heart rate. The power output increases as you improve at a given heart rate.

With custom programs, you can create personalized goal-based workouts. These goals could be time, distance, or calories.

Overall, there are multiple built-in programs available that can make your workouts fun and challenging.

5. Performance


The 470 is one of the better-performing ellipticals by Schwinn. It has a sturdy construction and good stride length. Users above 6’0” can get a full range of elliptical motion.

The flywheel makes it easier to switch between resistance levels. The elliptical is also pretty quiet.

The console is easy to use. The built-in workout programs are helpful for beginners and experienced users alike.

The 470 elliptical has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. This is an area where Schwinn could improve because the 411 model, which is a cheaper entry-level elliptical, also supports the same user weight.

The machine boasts Bluetooth functionality, but you cannot do much with it. You can transfer your goal and tracking data to other fitness apps. But you cannot use a Bluetooth-enabled chest strap or play audio through the connection.

What Sets the Schwinn 470 Elliptical Apart from its Competitors?

The design and features of the Schwinn 470 are what sets it apart from its competitors. For example, the 20-inch stride length, 25 levels of resistance, and 29 built-in programs are excellent features to have in one elliptical.

The Bluetooth capability is limited, but you can transfer data to several fitness apps. For example, the elliptical is compatible with apps like Peloton, MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, and Apple Health. This can help you track your progress better.

Should You Purchase the Schwinn 470 Elliptical?

The 470 elliptical is one of the premium options by Schwinn. It offers adjustable resistance and incline levels. You can start with manual programs or choose to work out with the help of built-in programs.

Two people can assemble the elliptical in a couple of hours. The instructions are clear and descriptive. The console is easy to use.

The elliptical has a high price point but with limited Bluetooth capabilities and low weight capacity.

Consider the pros and cons before you decide on buying the 470 elliptical.


  • It provides 25 resistance levels and a 10-degree incline for challenging workouts.
  • It offers 29 programs for workout versatility.
  • It has a 20-inch stride length, suitable for taller individuals as well.
  • You can create up to four user profiles.
  • It includes large cushioned footplates.


  • It takes up more floor space.
  • The 300-lb user weight limit is low for a premium elliptical.
  • Its Bluetooth capabilities are limited.
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The Schwinn 470 elliptical is priced at $1,099.

If you want to buy accessories like a power cord, hardware card, or equipment mat, they can cost you $19.99 to $99.00.

If you wish to extend the warranty for your elliptical, you can buy a protection plan. A 3-year protection plan for $99.00 will extend the parts and labor warranty to three years.

A 5-year protection plan for $129.00 will extend the parts and labor warranty to five years.

If you need the elliptical to be assembled in-house by a qualified technician, the service will cost $249.00.

Our Rating

Schwinn 470 Elliptical


Ease of Assembly

Ease of Use

Workout Options

Weight Capacity


Range of Motion

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 4.1


What year was the Schwinn 470 elliptical introduced?

The 470 elliptical was first introduced by Schwinn in 2013, and subsequent upgrades were made in 2016 and 2017. If you want to buy the newest elliptical model by Schwinn, explore the 490 elliptical.

Does the Schwinn 470 elliptical have transport wheels?

Yes. The Schwinn 470 elliptical has transport wheels on the front, which aids in moving around the machine. But exercise caution while moving as the assembled elliptical weighs about 164 lbs.

What can I do to eliminate the roller noise from the elliptical?

You can apply a silicone lubricant to a dry cloth and use it to wipe down the rails. This should help reduce or eliminate the roller noise.


The 470 elliptical is one of the top models by Schwinn. It is equipped with a weighted flywheel, large cushioned footplates, and ergonomically placed handlebars.

It has a 20 inches stride length, which offers a natural running motion. The longer stride length also makes the elliptical an ideal choice for taller users.

The elliptical offers 25 levels of eddy current resistance, a 10-degree motorized adjustable ramp, and 29 workout programs.

The 470 elliptical is priced around the $1000 mark. Its Bluetooth capabilities are limited.

We hope our Schwinn 470 elliptical review helps you with your buying decision.

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