Schwinn 430 vs 470: Which Elliptical to Choose?

Ellipticals can help you strengthen your heart and muscles. It can help you lose calories while being easier on your joints. It is easy to use and can give you a total body workout.

Schwinn is a popular brand in the fitness space. It offers quality cardio machines with a good warranty.

The ellipticals we will be comparing today are the Schwinn 430 and 470. These products share similarities like a high speed, high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel drive system. Twenty inches stride length, built-in chagrin USB port, and transport wheels.

They also have a three-speed fan and four integrated levelers for rear stabilization.

So which of the two ellipticals should you buy? Let us look at Schwinn 430 vs. 470 and understand which elliptical is worth your investment.

Comparison – Schwinn 430 vs. 470

FeaturesSchwinn 430Schwinn 470
Dimensions70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches70.1 x 28.2 x 63.2 inches
Machine Weight168.7 lbs168.7 lbs
Maximum User Weight300 lbs300 lbs
Maximum Pedal Height26.0 inches26.0 inches
Resistance20 levels25 levels
Stride Length20 inches20 inches
Incline0 - 10°0 - 10°
Exercise Programs22 programs29 programs
User Profiles24
WarrantyFrame - 10 yearsParts - 2 yearsElectronics -  1 yearLabor - 90 daysFrame - 10 yearsParts - 2 yearsElectronics -  1 yearLabor - 90 days

About The Brand of The Product

About The Brand of The Product

Schwinn is a brand that has been around since the late 1800s. The brand first came into existence as a bicycle company.

In 1965, Schwinn brought bicycle technology indoors and developed exercise bikes. That was the brand’s first foray into the home exercise equipment market.

Today, Schwinn offers a range of cardio solutions. These include products like indoor cycling, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, ellipticals, and other accessories.

The 430 and 470 are ellipticals by Schwinn and work on their Precision Path foot motion technology. The brand also offers flexible payment options and a good product warranty.

Schwinn 430 Vs 470: 6 Factors Comparison

The Schwinn 430 and 470 are both good ellipticals and provide value for money. But how do they compare against each other?

We have stated their differences in the above comparison table. Let us explore the differences in detail and understand which product has the upper hand.

1. Resistance

The Schwinn 430 comes with 20 levels of computer-controlled resistance. The default manual resistance of the machine is 4. You can use the increase and decrease buttons on the console to adjust the resistance.

On the other hand, the Schwinn 470 offers 25 levels of resistance. It also has a default manual resistance of 4.

Who Wins?

The Schwinn 470 has the upper hand here with five more resistance levels. It can make your workouts more challenging.

2. Incline


The Schwinn 430 offers an incline from 0 to 10° in the form of six different incline options. The incline level needs to be manually adjusted.

The Schwinn 470 also offers an incline from 0 to 10°. But this model includes a motorized adjustable ramp.

Who Wins?

If you like to switch up your workout routine by changing the incline, you will find the auto-adjustment feature of the 470 useful.

But if you exercise at the same incline level or do not mind getting down from the machine to adjust the incline, 430 will work for you.

3. Workout Options

The Schwinn 430 offers 22 preset exercise programs. These programs are broken down into:

  • Profile – 9
  • Heart rate control – 8
  • Custom – 2
  • Fitness test – 2
  • Quick start – 1

The Schwinn 470 offers 29 preset programs. They are broken down into:

  • Profile – 12
  • Heart rate control – 9
  • Custom – 4
  • Fitness tests – 2
  • Recovery test – 1
  • Quick start – 1

Who Wins?

If we compare numbers, it is 470, which is the better elliptical.

The 470 has a recovery test program that displays how well your heart recovers after an exercise session. The test scores are determined by how quickly your heart rate transitions to a more restful state. A quicker transition indicates improved fitness.

4. Console


The Schwinn 430 comes with a DualTrack 2 LCD screen. You can view and manage details from the console like user profile, intensity, goal, level, speed, time and distance, and more.

The Schwinn 470 comes with a DualTrack 2 LCD screen with blue backlit. The elliptical supports Bluetooth data transfer functionality. It is compatible with MyFitnessPal and the Explore World app.

The 470’s console has telemetry HR signal reading capability and is compatible with heart rate chest strap transmitters.

Who Wins?

The 470’s LCD screen with the blue backlit is a nice touch. But its distinguishing factors are the Bluetooth and telemetry capabilities.

5. Multiple Users

The Schwinn 430 supports up to two users. You can store data like name, age, gender, height, weight, and preferred workout values under each user profile. You can customize these profiles, select them before the exercise session and review workout results accordingly.

The Schwinn 470, on the other hand, supports up to 4 user profiles. You get to create and customize the profiles as you would with the 430.

Who Wins?

If you want an elliptical that works for your family, the 470 would be a better option.

The 430 can be used by multiple users, but you have to forgo the goal and workout results tracking details.

6. Price

The Schwinn 430 is priced at $999. The Schwinn 470 is priced at $1099.

These were the prices available on the brand’s website at the time of writing. You can make the full payment at the time of purchase or opt for Schwinn’s monthly payment option.

You can also check the ellipticals on Amazon or Walmart for good deals. For example, the cost for the 430 model starts from around $700 on Amazon.

Who Wins?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, 430 is the better option. But if Schwinn’s monthly payment plans work, I would recommend opting for the 470.

Winner – Schwinn 470

Schwinn 470

4.1 Overall Editor Rating

Schwinn 470

  • With enhanced Bluetooth connectivity,
  • 25 levels of resistance for a wide range.
  • DualTrack blue backlit LCD system displays.
  • 20″ stride with Precision Path foot motion.
Check Price

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In my opinion, the Schwinn 470 is a better elliptical machine than the 430.

It is the pricier option, but it provides value for money. For example, you get seven more workouts than 430. This can make your workout sessions more engaging and challenging.

You get five more resistance levels than 430. This way, you can continue to build your endurance and fitness level. It may take you significantly longer to outgrow the 470 elliptical.

One of the distinguishing features that I like is the motorized adjustable ramp which lets you make incline changes during workouts.

So overall, considering factors like resistance, workout options, incline, and console, the Schwinn 470 performs better than the 430.

Schwinn 470 – Pros And Cons

If you are still wondering if the Schwinn 470 is the right choice, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


Let’s have a look at some pros of Schwinn 470:

Multiple Programs Available

As mentioned above, the Schwinn 470 comes with 29 programs. If we consider profile programs, they are designed according to different resistance and workout levels. They are categorized into three categories – fun rides, mountains, and challenges.

You can create custom programs depending on distance, time, and calorie goals. Then you have fitness programs that test how much your fitness has improved. Ensure that you compare results to your user profile.

Resistance Levels

You get to challenge yourself with 470s 25 resistance levels. The resistance levels are aligned to the perimeter-weighted flywheel, which helps smoother transitions.


The Schwinn 470 supports Bluetooth connectivity which is missing in 430. It allows for data transfer between the machine and several fitness apps.

You can connect to the Explore the World App and explore several locations worldwide. You get three free courses and can unlock more with a subscription.

MyFitnessPal, Google Fit, Peloton, Zwift, and Apple Health are some of the other compatible apps.

Motorized Ramp Adjustment

The auto-adjustment incline is one of the main differences between the 430 and 470. On the 470’s console, you can find incline level increase, decrease, and quick buttons.

So this means you can change the incline when you are on the machine working out. You do not have to get down and manually adjust the incline like you would with a 430.

Multiple Users

The Schwinn 470 supports up to 4 user profiles. This helps you personalize workouts and track your progress. You can edit these profiles to add specific calorie and heart rate information. You can also create custom workouts.

Ease of Use

The Schwinn 470 comes with moving and static handlebars. So you have the flexibility of holding on to either of the ergonomically designed handles.

The elliptical has large footplates. They are also cushioned to provide you comfort on longer workout sessions.

The Precision Path foot motion technology used and the 20 inches stride length provide a natural running motion.


Here are some cons you need to look at before buying Schwinn 470:


Some users may find the assembly of the Schwinn 470 challenging. There are over 20 bits and pieces that need to be put together. You will need another person to help you with the assembly.

The tools will be included in the package. You can also access assembly manuals and videos.

If you are not mechanically inclined, it would be best to get the machine assembled professionally. But you will have to spend a couple of hundred dollars more.


The Schwinn 470 is a pricier option than the 430. It is priced at around $1099. If you opt for the in-house assembly, that will cost another $250. An equipment mat will cost another $100.

So consider the assembly and accessories costs when setting the elliptical budget.

Why Did Schwinn 430 Lose?

Why Did Schwinn 430 Lose?

The Schwinn 430 offers fewer resistance levels, workout programs, and user profiles.

It does not support Bluetooth connectivity. So you do not get to use other fitness apps with the machines.

The machine offers the same incline levels as the 470, but with the 430, you need to adjust the incline manually. It also does not have a telemetry-enabled console.

These limitations, though, do not make the Schwinn 430 a ‘losing’ option here. It does share similarities with 470 in terms of technology, stride length, display readouts, footplates, handlebars, sound system, and rear stabilizers.

So overall, I would say it is still a decent buy if you are looking for a more budget option.


How much does the Schwinn 470 weigh?

The assembled machine weight of the Schwinn 470 is 68.7 lbs. It would be best to assemble the machine in the area where it will be placed, as it is pretty heavy to be moved around.

What is the warranty for parts and labor for the Schwinn 470?

According to the included standard warranty, parts, and labor are covered for 90 days. If you separately purchase the 3 or 5 years Schwinn protection plan, the parts and labor warranty can go up to 3 to 5 years as well.

Does the Schwinn 470 come with an in-home assembly option?

Yes. You can opt for the in-house assembly service for the Schwinn 470. The service can cost around $250. Or you could assemble the machine on your own with Schwinn’s descriptive assembly manuals and videos.


Schwinn 430 vs. 470 – what should you buy? Considering comparison factors like design, resistance, workout programs, console, and performance, I would recommend the Schwinn 470.

It offers 25 resistance levels, 29 workout programs, and DualTrack 2 blue backlit CD window systems. It comes with a motorized ramp system. It supports up to 4 users.

It supports Bluetooth connectivity which lets you track and manage your overall fitness goals on apps like Explore the World, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health.

The 470 requires an investment of upwards of $1000, but it provides value for money. What are your thoughts on the Schwinn 470? Let us know in the comments.

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