Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Review {Updated}

Do you love staying in shape but do not always find adequate time to work out? Are you a beginner looking forward to building a fitness routine? Or are you a professional who wants to turn on their A-game? Having an indoor cycling bike in your house can help you work out any time you want.

The Pyhigh Indoor Cycling bike is a great option for you to consider. This bike comes with a sturdy steel body and magnetic resistance. It allows you to have a complete workout session noiselessly because of its unique belt-driven technology. You can get complete cardio training at home and also build your muscles. It has a wide range of functions and adjustment options to suit your fitness goals.

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike

4.3 Overall Editor Rating

Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Professional Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike for Home
  • LCD monitor tracks your exercise time
  • Exercise bike supports riders 4’5-6’5 and max weight of 300lbs
  • Belt-driven provides you a quiet riding
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The Pyhigh indoor bike is quite affordable. It is well-suited for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle is. This bike can save you a lot of time. You do not have to rush to the gym regularly. The advanced safety features let you exercise without worry. It is suitable for people of all kinds of physiques, and it will soon become a big part of your home.

A Pyhigh indoor cycling bike review can help you make up your mind about buying it.

Product Overview
BrandPyhigh Fitness
ModelPyhigh Magnetic Stationary Exercise bike
Dimensions20"D x 10"W x 4"H
Weight35.93 kilograms
ColorOrange and black
MaterialAlloy steel
Power SourceBattery powered
Maximum weight
300 pounds
Drive systemBelt
Special featuresUpgraded Magnetic resistance
Recommended forIndoor use
Amazon Rating4.3 out of 5

About Pyhigh

About Pyhigh

Pyhigh Fitness aims to make fitness equipment for everyone. Their products are sold worldwide – and they are a direct US market distributor. They have over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry.

Yet their team constantly strives to use technology to their best advantage and come up with unique designs and ideas. Their products are designed for customization so that anyone can use them. They also ensure high safety standards for all their products.

Their customer service is one of the best in the industry, and they have served over 50,00,000 families in over 50 countries. They constantly modify and upgrade their bikes so that the users can reap maximum benefits.

Who will Benefit from the PyHigh Indoor Cycling Bike?

Pyhigh indoor cycling bike will benefit anyone who wants to work out at home. Everyone is busy with their lives. And not everyone can hit the gym regularly, even if they want to. Weather and traffic conditions are also an issue if you want to ride a bike outside.

Hence, you can consider investing in this indoor bike. That way, you can work out anytime you want. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can work out late at night or early in the morning.

The magnetic resistance and belt-driven technology ensure that your neighbors or kids will not be disturbed. You can exercise for cardio, weight loss, or to get professional-level fitness. The bike is designed for various kinds of customization. Hence, anyone can use them, no matter what their fitness goals are.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike On

5 Important Factors We Tested the Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike On

The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike has some cutting-edge features. It has a sleek and sturdy design, and the technology has been updated for maximum benefits. However, is the bike as good as it sounds? Should you consider investing in it? Let us find out.

1. Design

The Pyhigh Indoor cycling bike is portable. You can set it up or move it to any part of the house with the wheels. Despite that, the bike stays rigidly in place while exercising with a locking mechanism. The bike weighs around 35.93 kilograms. It is made of premium alloy steel, and the orange and black looks make it quite trendy.

The bike’s dimensions are 20″D x 10″ W x 4″ H. The bike allows several customizations. You can adjust the seat to five different heights. As a result, anyone within a height of 4’5’’ to 6’5’’ can use the bike with ease. It comes with a water bottle holder and a separate holder for your gadgets.

The pedals and handlebars have a special grip. There is no chance of slipping while riding the bike. The heavier and upgraded flywheel makes riding more comfortable and prevents injuries. The belt-driven technology makes the bike almost silent. Hence, you can work out at any time of the day.

2. Technology

The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike uses technology to its best advantage. Pyhigh regularly upgrades its bikes for better performance, and this bike is no different. The magnetic resistance offers a complete cardio workout and also tones your glutes and abdomen.

The tracking system records all your progress. You can go back and check your data regarding how much you have traveled, your speed, and the calories you have lost. That will help you chart a plan for your future routines. You can listen to your workout playlist or watch videos while working out as well.

3. Usability

When you invest in a product, you expect maximum usability from it. The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is very functional that way. The various customizations allow anyone to use the bike. You can adjust the height in five ways and the seat in four directions. The non-slip handlebars can also be adjusted.

You can lose about 250 calories or more in a half-hour session, depending on how fast you are going. This bike can be used by anyone who wants to include more movement in their life due to their otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

4. Performance

The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is very high in performance. Its multiple modes and variations let you workout and meet your individual fitness goals. The flywheel has been upgraded for a better balance, and the brand is working on improving it even more.

You can switch between various resistance settings by just pushing on the knob of the handlebars. In addition, the silence enables you to work out at any time of the day or night. The reinforced pedal makes riding the bike more comfortable, and the adjustable seat improves your posture as well.

5. Safety

Pyhigh ensures all their cycling bikes are safe to use. The magnetic resistance of the indoor cycling bike ensures there are no ligament or muscle injuries. The wide base ensures the bike maintains perfect balance. It won’t tip even when you are rigorously exercising. The reinforced cage pedals give you a firm grip while peddling hard.

The handlebars are waterproof. You won’t slip even if your palms become sweaty from exercise. You can push the flywheel to stop the bike immediately. You can switch resistance without exertion by simply pressing the handlebars. It can safely support 300 pounds of weight.

What Sets the Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Apart from its Competitors?

What Sets the Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Apart from its Competitors

The Pyhigh Indoor cycling bike is quite innovative in design. The model has been upgraded with more customizations. It shares many features with many other bikes in its category.

However, what sets the Pyhigh bike apart from its competitors is that it comes with a wide range of customizations. The height of the bike can be adjusted in five ways. Hence, anyone with 4’5’’ and 6’5’’ can use the bike. It can also bear 300 pounds of weight, which is significant for those suffering from obesity and may want to lose weight.

In addition, the seat and handlebars have been upgraded. They are more comfortable, and the handlebars have been made waterproof for better grip. These are unique factors that work in the favor of the Pyhigh indoor bike.

Should You Purchase Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike for Your Fitness Routine?

The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is worth considering if you are looking for home gym equipment that allows you to have intense workout sessions. It packs in quite a few features, and the upgraded version is quite impressive. Let us see how it performs.


  • Magnetic resistance makes the bike very silent
  • Varied number of customizations for people of all height and weight
  • New and improved comfortable seats
  • Waterproof handlebars for better grip
  • Seat height can be adjusted in five ways
  • Pedals have extra grip for safety
  • Sturdy holders for water bottles and gadgets like iPad


  • Availability issue as it is currently unavailable
  • Assembling the parts could be a little complicated
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The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is available at an affordable price point of $269.99. This is a good price compared to many of its competitors. It costs less than some of your gym subscriptions that you may never use!

Consider this an investment in yourself. This is a good price for a one-time investment, and the company also gives you free replacements for up to a year.

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Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike








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Overall Rating: 4.3


It is obvious to have questions while buying gym equipment. It is going to become a major part of your fitness routine, so you should proceed with caution. Here are some answers that could help you.

Can anyone use the Pyhigh indoor cycling bike?

Yes, the Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is suitable for almost everyone in the family except children. It offers a wide range of customizations. Anyone within the range of 4’5’’ and 6’5’’ can use them. It can also support 300 pounds, so it is perfect for weight loss at home.

Is Pyhigh Indoor Bike safe to use?

Yes, the Pyhigh indoor cycling bike is very safe. The bike sustains 300 pounds comfortably. You can control and stop the flywheel by pressing the handlebar. The bike has a sturdy grip on the ground so that it does not move or tilt. The pedals have extra grip to avoid slipping. The new handlebars are waterproof, so you won’t slip even if the palms are sweating.

Can you set up a Pyhigh indoor cycling bike easily?

Yes, you can set up the Pyhigh indoor cycling bike easily. All the parts are easy to install. You just have to figure out where the bolts and nuts go in. The manual is very comprehensive and has all the information. If you still have a problem, you can call the customer care department.


The Pyhigh indoor cycling bike can be a valuable addition to your home gym. You can get a full workout routine in the comfort of your home. The bike is excellent for strengthening your lower body and for cardio sessions.

It is affordably priced and easy to use. The magnetic resistance makes the bike almost noiseless. You will see a difference in your physique in the first few weeks of training. The bike runs for hours on a single battery charge. The Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike review is meant to help you make a decision, and we hope it helped you.

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