Nordictrack Freestride Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer – (Best Comparison)

An effective exercise that delivers results can be tricky without the right tools. Most people think just walking or running is all you need to stay in shape and tone your muscles. But that is far from the truth. What you need is something like the Nordictrack Freestride Trainer or Bowflex Max Trainer that allows you to work out every part of your body.

Let’s face it…

Many parts of the human body need targeted attention. You’ll need to spend time working out each muscle group while trying to reduce injury to joints in the body. And we’ve found no better way to do this than with using a Bowflex Max Trainer and a Nordictrack Freestride Trainer.

Both pieces of equipment are great in helping you hit all the areas you need to grow. Plus, they are great machines that will allow you to save time by allowing you to stay fit at home. The tricky part is that Bowflex Max Trainer and Nordictrack Freestrider are strong competitors for each other.

They both come with their perks, and choosing one over the other can be very hard for you. In this article, we’ll compare the Bowflex vs NordicTrack.

Nordictrack Freestride Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer

When comparing the Nordictrack vs Bowflex, there are many features that you need to pay attention to so you end up with the right one for you. We’ll go over each of the key features and tell you which one is better and why. But let’s look at what is offered by each brand.

Bowflex Max

The Bowflex max trainers were quite popular when they first came out. In fact, by the time Christmas rolled around, they were out of stock. The Bowflex is a workout trainer through and through. It does not pack many fancy features, but it does what it says and helps burn calories 2.5% times faster than on a regular elliptical or treadmill. It comes with different resistance levels and workout programs, ranging from 4 minutes to 30 minutes.

The Bowflex Max trainers are also great machines that make sure that the joints do not suffer much, no matter what level of intensity you select. Moreover, the Bowflex Max trainers provide excellent fitness programs built-in like their 14-minute intense HIIT workouts. And given its compact size, it is an excellent choice for any home.

NordicTrack Freestrider

The Nordictrack Freestrider is an affordable trainer that ranks alongside the Bowflex Max Trainer. While they are similar, Nordictrack Freestrider is more focused on cross-training.

One of the features that make the Freestride trainer stand out is the adjustable stride length.

The adjustable stride makes the Freestrider an excellent choice as far as comfort is concerned when working out. It provides three types of workout motion: stair climbing, running, and jogging. This variety provides a bit more variety in the exercises you can do, thus breaking the monotony of working out. As such, the Nordictrack max is excellent if you want a machine that lets you do many types of exercises.

Nordictrack vs Bowflex Max: Workout Motion

The most significant difference between these two trainers is in the motion. While there is a difference in motion, we aren’t saying that one is better than the other.

Instead, they both provide different styles of workout. Bowflex Max trainer focuses on the single motion – stair climbing. This action is good for cardio and burning calories, but it restricts variety. Thus, if the user prefers to cross-train, the Bowflex Max models might not be the best choice.

The Freestrider, on the other hand, has three movements packed in one – elliptical, running, and stair climbing. This variety can help train the lower body more extensively. Moreover, it can also provide a good burn for the upper body as well. In any case, the Freestrider has more workout options.

Winner: NordicTrack

Which One Burns More Calories Bowflex Max Trainer or NordicTrack Freestride Trainer?

Working out is all about seeing the results. Most people set a specific amount of calories to be burned in a session, and this helps. While results are also dependent on their fitness level, it can be disheartening when no good results can be noticed. Bowflex had done their homework when they released the Max Trainer.

The Bowflex Max lets you burn calories 2.5% times more than the average trainer, and yes, they have the data to prove it. The max trainers can burn as many as 600 calories in a single thirty-minute session. This amount of calorie burning is a remarkable result in our books.

Moreover, the Bowflex max trainers feature many custom exercise routines. These workouts programs further help burn calories both during and after the session is over. There haven’t been any statements provided by Nordictrack in regards to how much calories you can burn.

However, as the NordicTrack Freestrider trainer is built around the premise of cross-training, you can expect to consume a lot of calories. It promises a more physical engagement, which should result in a high-calorie loss. And should work in theory.

But they lack any data and research to provide any definite workout results. As such, we can only say that you’ll burn more calories by using the Bowflex Max Trainer.

Winner: Bowflex

Console Comparison

Although you’ll be engaged in working out, having an easy to use console is still essential. Navigation should be simple, and things should be easy to reach even while working out. So this section will be crucial in determining which machine is better to buy. In this case, the Nordictrack Freestrider has a bit of an advantage, mostly because it is more feature-rich.

The Freestrider NordicTrack comes with a full-color touch screen console. It also has dual-speed fans along with auxiliary media ports, making navigation much simplified.

In contrast, the Bowflex Max Trainer console has updated its display which makes it a little better. However, the console is still features a simple interface and lets you track key workout metrics. It also comes with media racks for the tablets.

And in regards to the feedback on workouts, both these consoles provide the necessary information you’ll want to see. However, the Nordictrack Free Stride Trainer blows the Bowflex out of the park.

Winner: NordicTrack

Workout Tracking And Other Options

Most users would prefer a lot of entertainment options when working out. Both of these have media racks that will allow you to store a tablet. Also, with the Freestrider, you get access to use the iFit app, which is a prevalent online trainer library. By using the iFit coach tracker, workout progress can be tracked online.

Moreover, iFit provides many features such as online personal trainers, and a library of over 12,000 workout videos. Additionally, the Freestrider console can be directly accessed to watch the videos in full-colour HD. This video watching feature is not available in the Bowflex Max trainer console.

Moreover, the Bowflex does not have much to offer in terms of console features. However, they have Max Intelligence, which is also similar to iFit.

Max Intelligence provides different workout videos as well as personalized and custom exercises. However, it needs a tablet to be connected to the console to work. Also, there are not as many exercise options to choose from their library.

What is The Main Difference Between The Bowflex Max Trainer vs Nordictrack Freestrider?

The main difference between the Bowflex vs Nordictrack is that Bowflex uses a stair-climbing movement while the Nordictrack FreeStride uses an Elliptical Running Motion. Also, the Nordictrack has a colored LCD with a fan while the Bowflex doesn’t.

The Verdict

After reading our comparison of the Nordictrack Freestride Trainer vs Bowflex Max Trainer, you should now be able to choose the one that is better for you. The model you should choose will undoubtedly be dependent on the type of workouts you want to do. They both provide different types of exercises. However, the Bowflex would allow you to burn more calories.

Overall, we loved the Bowflex Max series trainers as it provides intensive and effective workout using the motion of stair-climbing. Using the stair-climbing movement, you’ll burn more calories in the least amount of time.

With the Nordictrack Freestrider, however, you get more versatility in the number of exercises that you can do. Moreover, it has a more impressive console that even has a built-in fan. So if this is something that attracts you, then you should get the NordicTrack. Our preference is the Bowflex Max Trainer. However, you might instead want to go with the Nordictrack, or check out other Bowflex Max Trainer comparisons before making your choice. In short, it all comes down to what type of results and exercises you want.

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