Niceday Elliptical Machine Review {Updated}

Do you want to start exercising from home? Do you want a low-impact cardio machine that provides effective workouts? The answer is an elliptical machine.

An elliptical works well both for beginners and experienced users alike. Depending on the elliptical, you can get total body workouts. You can change resistance levels to make your workout challenging. With regular exercise, you can improve joint health as well.

But how do you pick a quality elliptical with a small footprint, is on a budget, and provides value for money?

Niceday Elliptical Machine

4.5 Overall Editor Rating

Niceday Elliptical Machine

  • Hyper-Quiet Magnetic Drive System
  • 16LB Flywheel with 16 Resistance Levels
  • 400 LBS Weight Capacity
  • Exactly Calculated Data
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The Niceday CT11 is one such elliptical that fulfills the above criteria. It is one of the well-performing ellipticals you can find under $800. It is a highly-rated elliptical with over 2000 ratings.

The elliptical is best suited to beginner and intermediate users. It has a comparatively short stride length, so tall users may not get a full range of motion.

So, should you consider buying the elliptical? Let us start with our Niceday elliptical machine review to know if it is worth the investment.

Product Overview
ModelNiceday Elliptical CT11
Assembled Dimensions62 x 24.4 x 48 inches
Assembled Weight106 lbs
Package Dimensions44 x 25 x 17 inches
Package Weight112 lbs
Maximum User Weight400 lbs
Flywheel16 lbs
Stride15.5 inches
Resistance16 levels of magnetic resistance
DisplaySmall digital monitor
Workout OptionsNo built-in workouts
CostStarts from $$499.99
Life long service offered
Amazon Rating4.5 out of 5 (2,333 ratings)

About Niceday

Niceday has over 20 years of experience manufacturing cardio equipment for home gyms. The brand is known to provide quality machines at affordable prices.

Niceday’s current product range includes full-sized ellipticals, under-desk ellipticals, recumbent bikes, exercise bikes, and rowing machines.

The brand stands apart with its magnetic drive system, higher user weight capacities, and resistance levels for budget-friendly equipment.

Niceday claims to offer lifetime service while bearing replacement costs if required.

Who is the Niceday Elliptical For?

The CT11 elliptical is for beginner and intermediate fitness users wanting to get fit from home.

If you are starting your fitness journey or recovering from an injury, the CT11 is an entry-level model that delivers.

It is easy to assemble and comparatively takes less area. Even less mechanically inclined users can assemble the CT11 in under an hour.

With a moving set of handlebars, you can target complete body workouts. The magnetic resistance levels can help keep your workouts exciting and challenging.

It supports a high user weight capacity. Its stride length, though, is on the shorter side. Users above 5’8” may find the elliptical function more like a stepping machine.

I would recommend the CT11 for users who are on a budget, work in a shared space, and are under 5’8”.

5 Important Factors We Tested the Product On

When buying an elliptical, you must consider the machine’s design, user weight capacity, stride length, resistance mechanism, workout options, and technology.

We removed the guesswork from your buying decision and tested the Niceday CT11 on the above factors. Here is how the CT11 performs.

1. Build


The CT11 is manufactured using steel. It has a rear-drive design. It has a relatively small footprint with assembled dimensions of 62 x 24.4 x 48 inches. It weighs about 106 lbs.

The elliptical mainframe uses an 8 x 5 cm thick commercial steel pipe. There are stabilizers present on the rear base tube of the elliptical. The foot pedals are 15 x 5 inches long and are anti-slip. These features help the CT11 support a high user weight capacity.

The CT11 has a 16 lbs flywheel. This is pretty decent for a home gym elliptical at a low price point. Its magnetic drive system ensures your workout sessions are as quiet as possible.

The elliptical has a basic digital monitor. It displays data like time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse. The display is not backlit, so you must place the machine in a well-lit area, or you could have difficulty viewing the details.

The display is located at a lower height, so you will look down most of the time if you want to track metrics. The display position is not ergonomic for your neck.

The machine has a device holder on the console. The holder, though, can fit your phone at most. If you place a tablet, it may cover the display.

Considering the price point, the CT11 elliptical has a quality build with decent design features.

2. Assembly

One of the major concerns with home gym machines is that they involve complex assembly. Companies provide in-house assembly services, but can cost an additional $150 to $250.

Niceday overcomes this concern by ensuring the CT11 comes 90% pre-assembled. The main drive system comes pre-built. You must assemble parts like the front and rear bases, the handlebars, and the display.

Assembling the CT11 takes about 30 to 60 minutes. The assembly booklet has straightforward instructions.

The elliptical has transport wheels at its rear base. You can tilt the machine, hold it by the handlebars, and transport it. But it does weigh over 100 lbs, so be careful or get help from another person when moving the elliptical.

3. Usability


One of the plus points of the CT11 is that it does not need electricity to work. The display also operates on batteries. So, you can place the elliptical in any room of the house that has enough space and light.

The 16-pound flywheel and sturdy bases offer stable workouts. The operation is pretty quiet. But with higher user weight and resistance level, the machine can wobble a bit.

You can customize the resistance level by turning the knob on the vertical frame. Typically, budget ellipticals offer eight resistance levels. But with the CT11, you can work out with up to 16 resistance levels.

It does not offer incline adjustments. But that is expected from a budget model.

The CT11 has a stride length of 15.5 inches, which limits the machine to shorter people. Users above 5’8” need an 18 to 20 inches stride length.

Taller users can still use the elliptical but will not get a full range of motion. The workout experience would be more like marching in the same place. So it comes down to your personal preference.

4. Workout Versatility

The Niceday elliptical does not provide any built-in workout. You cannot create user profiles or set and track goals. You will have to use a third-party app for these purposes.

It also does not support Bluetooth connectivity. Technology-wise, the CT11 has the bare minimum of a small display and a console.

The CT11 is a basic model; you get on the machine, set the resistance, and start working out.

The fixed handlebars are equipped with pulse sensors. But these readings are not accurate. You are better off using an app or a smartwatch.

It can get boring after a while. You should subscribe to a fitness app and perform a mix of on and off-elliptical workouts to keep your exercise routine fun and motivating.

5. Weight Capacity

Weight Capacity

The Niceday elliptical supports a user weight of up to 400 lbs. Comparative models like the Schwinn 430 or Nautilus E616 can support a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs.

The CT11 has a sturdy construction, and it feels durable when you step on it. Ensure you place the elliptical on an even surface and maintain your form when working out.

If the machine starts wobbling, double-check the assembly or contact the seller.

What Sets the Niceday Elliptical Apart from its Competitors?

The distinguishing feature of the Niceday elliptical is that the machine is an economical option for home gym owners.

There are no doubt several budget-friendly ellipticals available in the market. But the CT11 comes with a quality build and features typically found in mid to high-end models.

With 2000+ ratings, the elliptical is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. The most recurring theme in customer reviews is that the elliptical is easy to assemble, move around, and worth the money.

If you are unhappy with the Niceday elliptical, you can return or replace it within 30 days of receipt.

Should You Purchase the Niceday Elliptical?

Should You Purchase the Niceday Elliptical

The Niceday elliptical has its benefits and drawbacks; overall, it can be a good addition to your home gym.

As a beginner, if your aim is to move around more and build endurance, a budget elliptical works best.

The CT11 does not need electricity, so you can place it anywhere you want in the house. It comes 90% pre-built. It is relatively easy to use, with resistance levels the only customization available.

The elliptical has a short stride length. And it could have a heavier flywheel.

If you’re unsure if the elliptical is right for you, the pros and cons below may help.


  • It is a quality home gym elliptical with a budget-friendly price.
  • The machine comes 90% pre-assembled.
  • You do not have to plug in the elliptical for it to work.
  • It supports a user weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • The elliptical has a smooth and quiet operation.


  • The elliptical is not suitable for tall people.
  • It has a small digital monitor.
  • It does not offer incline options.
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The original price of the Niceday elliptical CT11 is $799. You can buy the elliptical at a reduced price of $499.99 with discounts and offers.

If you want to buy accessories like an equipment mat, they must be bought separately from a different brand.

Our Rating

Niceday Elliptical Machine

Build Quality



Workout Versatility

Weight Capacity


Range of Motion

Value for Money

Overall Rating: 4.5


Does the Niceday elliptical offer incline options?

No. The Niceday elliptical is not equipped to provide incline adjustments. You can only adjust the resistance levels to increase workout intensity.

Can I lose belly fat by working out on the Niceday elliptical?

Yes, it is possible to lose belly fat with the Niceday elliptical. It can provide total body workouts and help burn calories. But remember, exercise should be paired with good nutrition and quality sleep for optimal results.

As a 6’1” individual, can I use the Niceday elliptical?

Niceday mentions their CT11 elliptical fits user heights from 4’9” to 6’2”. But with a stride length of 15.5 inches, users above 5’8” may not get a full range of motion. As a 6’1” tall individual, you should look for ellipticals with a stride length of 18 to 20 inches.


The Niceday elliptical is a good buy for beginners and shorter users. If you are fine with a basic model minus the fancy tech console or built-in workouts, the CT11 can be a good budget buy.

It has a sturdy steel construction. It can support a maximum user weight of 400 lbs. The magnetic drive system is quiet. And you have 16 resistance levels for workout intensity.

If you are a tall user or need a better console with tracking and Bluetooth capabilities, I suggest you spend a couple hundred dollars more and consider other ellipticals.
I hope our Niceday elliptical machine review was informative and helped you with your purchase decision.

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