Marcy MWM 988 Home Gym Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Taking a trip to the gym every day can be a real hassle for most people. If you are a busy person, then you know how challenging it can be to hit the gym consistently. However, with the advent of home gyms like the Marcy MWM 988, you can significantly reduce this burden.

There are many home gyms available in the market today. And the choices are so many that it is often difficult to make the right choice.

But if you want to get the best kind of gym-quality exercise at home, then Marcy’s MWM 988 is one of the best entry-level home gyms you could buy.

This Marcy Home Gym is full of features and offers you the possibility of doing more than thirty-six kinds of exercises for a total body workout. Moreover, it is a lot cheaper than many other home gym models, which is one reason why you should consider bringing one home today. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the MWM 988.

Marcy MWM 988 Review

Marcy MWM 988 Review

With the Marcy 988 Home gym equipment, you can enjoy gym-quality exercises at the comfort of your own home. This 150 pound home gym enables you to work your lower body and helps to build your core muscles.

It offers a multi-function feature that includes a press arm, and also requires no changing of the cable attachments to go from one exercise to the next. This feature means you do not have to waste time to reconfigure the equipment. But that’s not all the MWM 988 has to offer in terms of features.

Let’s take a look at what are the main things this Marcy Home Gym has over others.

Features of The MWM-988 Home Gym

Features of The MWM-988 Home Gym

Some of the unique features of the MWM – 988 are as follows:

Built With Heavy-Duty Materials

Marcy Home Gym MWM 988 features a 14 ga steel frame, which means it is built for high durability. The complete frame is made of heavy-duty steel that enables different functions for a comprehensive workout. So you can rest assured that it is going to last a long time!

High Weight Stack Capacity And Attachments

The home gym comes with a 150-pound vinyl-coated weight stack, both high and low pulley stations. Plus, there are two different lateral bars; a high and low one that offers you various options to work out your biceps, back, and triceps.

Leg Workouts

It offers easy leg workouts as it has a dual function leg developer. The leg developer lets you work your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Preacher Curl Attachment

It has an adjustable preacher curl pad that can be removed. With this attachment, you can perform barbell and hammer curls effortlessly without straining your back.

Arm Press

Unlike other home gyms, the Marcy MWM 988 comes with a dual function press arm and lat bar that allows you to perform chest and peck fly exercises.


It offers comfortable roller pads and butterfly attachments that can adjust according to your preference. Moreover, the materials and paddings of the seat on the Marcy 988 are comfortable even for long sessions.

Rugged Design

The Marcy MWM 988 home gym has rust and abrasion-resistant paint finish that gives it a rugged but elegant finish. Overall, the design is of the same standard as a commercial-grade home gym.

Pros & Cons Marcy MWM 988 Home Gym


  • The home gym comes in a compact and versatile design. It is built sturdily, and the frame design is very sleek and elegant. It brings together 16 nylon pulleys, joined by ball bearings for high durability and smooth use.
  • Features thick vinyl seats that are padded for maximum comfort and high durability.
  • It offers foam pads on its leg developer and chest bars.
  • This Marcy Home Gym comes with six workout stations; they include chest press, curl pad, leg attachment, pec fly, low, and high pulley systems.
  • The Marcy MWM 988 offers more than thirty-six different types of exercises for the home gym. It also comes with a very sturdy nylon pulley system with steel attachments.
  • It features many great accessories like an ankle strap, a lat bar, and one chain extension.
  • The seat upholstery and preacher pad are both made to last if used with care. The rollers on leg developers are also built to deliver the utmost comfort for leg exercises.


  • The size of the Marcy home gym is quite limited. A fully assembled unit does not take up much space, which might seem like a positive. However, the downside to the small size is that a very tall person may not be comfortable while performing some exercises on this home gym due to the size constraint.
  • It also has some weight limitations. The manual recommends the weight of the user should not exceed 300 pounds. So, anyone weighing above this may not be able to exercise on this particular model.
  • The seats and backrest are not adjustable.
  • It will require multiple persons or an expert to assemble this home gym. Moreover, it will take a few hours to assemble the product entirely.
  • You will need to do regular checks and schedule maintenance by regularly using lubricants on the weight stacks and pulleys.
  • The user cannot upgrade the weight stacks in this home gym.
  • It does not include a mid-pulley station.


Overall the Marcy MWM-988 is a well-balanced home gym when you consider the pros and cons of the product. However, with its incredibly low price and functionality, it is one of the top models from Marcy we recommend. And with a little compromise, all the cons are negligible things that you need not pay any attention to with this home gym.

However, do pay note that the user height and weight limitations are factors that you shouldn’t ignore. But if you aren’t 6′ 7″ or weigh more than 300 lbs, then you should be okay with the MWM 988.

When it comes to budget home gyms, this product is one of the best there is available. You can also check out our review of the Marcy MWM 990, which is slightly better than this model. Bring home this excellent home gym and start rolling for a healthier and slimmer you.

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