9 Best Home Gym Decor Ideas to Inspire

Home gyms are a convenient option if you want to save on time and cost. But the responsibility to stick to your workout routine falls entirely on you. And we all have those days when hitting the gym can be a chore.

If you find yourself skipping the gym more often these days, switching up the room’s decor could help. A lively and inviting atmosphere can help you stick to your routine and boost your mental health.

You can go all out and redo the colors of your home gym walls and build storage options. Or you could try something simpler, like making the existing space functional or adding motivational posters.

Let us look at nine home gym decor ideas to keep the inspiration quotient high and help you meet your fitness goals.

Best Home Gym Decor Ideas to Inspire

Dull and stinking home gyms can put off even the most motivated fitness enthusiasts. But don’t worry. A few changes can liven up the space and make the home gym more inviting.

And here are some decor ideas to help you do the same.

1. Use Large Mirrors

Use Large Mirrors

Full-length mirrors are a standard fixture that you may have seen in commercial gyms. They offer multiple benefits, like making the space look bigger and helping you keep an eye on your form.

And I am going to sound too full of myself, but seeing myself in the mirror, putting those muscles to work, is really inspiring for me.

You can line up a wall or two with full-length mirrors. Or if you are pressed for space and budget, consider placing one big mirror where you can watch yourself exercise.

2. Set Up a Goals Board

When I lose motivation to work out, I ask myself why I started in the first place. Why do I want to work out? Where do I want to reach? The answers to these questions always put me back on track.

So write down your fitness goals. You should be able to see them every day. Set up a small chalkboard and write down the minor and major milestones you want to achieve.

You could use chalk paint to turn your home gym wall into a chalkboard. You can use a whiteboard. Or write your goals on a big piece of paper and stick it on the wall.

3. Document Your Fitness Journey

Document Your Fitness Journey

Often, we are so focused on our major goals that we forget where we began and how far we have come.

For example, your goal could be to lift 100 lbs. You may get discouraged because you can only lift 60 lbs. But what you need to remember is that you started by lifting 10 lbs. You consistently built your strength and will meet your goal if you continue.

So document your journey; you can put your pictures up, write how good you are feeling, or design a timestamp of when you achieved your small goals. Celebrate your small victories.

4. Motivational Posters or Art For Wall Decor

Adding posters is one of the quickest home gym decor ideas to implement. You can buy prints from Etsy, Amazon, or other third-party websites.

If there is an artist you like, you can support them by buying their artwork. Or you commission an art piece unique to your fitness goals.

A colorful poster with big and bold writing can add warmth to an otherwise dull room.

5. Add a Touch of Greenery

Add a Touch of Greenery

Plants can add a pop of color to an otherwise dull-looking gym. In addition, they can help improve the quality of indoor air, which is vital for home gyms.

They can bring in a sense of calm, help you concentrate better, and reduce stress.

Some of the plants you can place in your home gym are jade, snake plant, lucky bamboo, rubber, dracaena, and ZZ plant, among others.

6. Use Wall Colors to Your Advantage

Colors have the capability to influence your moods. For example, blue is a color that you will often see in gyms. It is a color that inspires trust. It helps build encouragement and productivity. But, of course, I could be biased here because it is one of my favorite colors.

If you do not like blue and want a high-energy, inspiring color, then you could opt for bright colors like yellow, orange, and red.

If you are building a pilates or a yoga studio at home, softer colors like pastels would be a better option.

You could pick an accent wall, paint it with a color you like, and place decor items to make the gym inviting.

7. Convenient And Functional Storage

Convenient And Functional Storage

If your home gym is too cluttered, you would obviously want to avoid stepping into that room. You can buy open storage racks. This way, your weights and accessories will have a designated space.

Open storage also makes it easier to see all your equipment in one glance. It also makes for quick retrieval and storage.

You can also install a pegboard. You can buy it or do a DIY project if you have the time. Pegboards offer benefits like visibility and versatility while being space and cost-efficient.

8. Get Smart With Equipment Placement

This can be considered a continuation of the above point. You might be tempted to fill your home gym with multiple machines and accessories. But you need to consider the space at hand.

Apart from equipment, you need room to get a full range of motion and move around freely.

I suggest you go through our home gym floor plan examples to better understand equipment placement.

9. Keep The Home Gym Clean

Keep The Home Gym Clean

I know cleaning your home gym does not fit under ‘decor ideas.’ But hear me out.

You can have the best gym decor, beautiful wall colors, and inspiring posters. But sticking to your workout routine becomes challenging if your gym is dirty and stinky.

Make it a habit to clean your equipment after use. Clean the flooring a minimum of once a week.

The room should be well-ventilated. If you have large windows and doors, open them up for ventilation or to air out the gym after use. If that is not possible, consider a wall or stand-alone fan.


What is the ideal floor space required for a home gym?

You can build functional home gyms in areas ranging from 100 to 500 sq. ft. With a larger area, like 500 sq. ft., you can place a power rack, isolation, and cardio machines. However, with a 100 sq. ft area, you will have to settle for a half rack and free weights.

How much does a home gym cost?

It depends on your fitness and space requirements. If you want to purchase basic equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands, they cost around $300. If you want to buy a home gym, cardio, and isolation machine, they cost $300-$5000+. On average, a functional home gym costs about $1500.

What type of flooring is best for a home gym?

Foam flooring will be a good option if you have a temporary home gym setup. However, if you have a dedicated space, opt for rubber flooring.


The decor may seem like an afterthought or an unnecessary aspect of a home gym. But you would be surprised at the wonders it can do for your mental makeup. For example, painting the walls with your favorite color can motivate you to spend more time in the gym.

Seeing your daily goals and results can inspire you to stick to your routine. Motivational posters and plants can be uplifting. The home gym decor ideas we have mentioned above are budget-friendly. You can further customize them as per your budget and preferences.

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