Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench Review

The Golds Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench is one of our favorite home gym equipment to get a full-body workout. With the Golds Gym XRS 20, you won’t have to get an expensive membership at a gym to achieve your ideal body if you have one of these at home. Whether you have a full-fledged gym at home or just a single weight bench, it can help you in your in sculpting the body you’ve imagined.

The XRS 20 Olympic bench from Gold’s Gym is one of the best weight benches for beginners as well as persons with an intermediate level of fitness. It is packed with features that will let you build a sturdy core, as well as sculpt your legs and arms. We’ve tested this home gym for a few weeks and think it is perfect for full-body workouts.

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Review

The Golds Gym XRS 20 Olympic workout bench has a lot of features that can rival those weight benches in the premium category. The unit includes a weight bench, a curl pad, attachment for leg development, adjustable weight crutches, safety spotters, and a squat rack.

Moreover, it features a compact design which will allow it to fit well in just about any space. The equipment has a steel gray aesthetic with padding of polyester material. The main features of the Golds Gym XRS 20 include:

The Bench

At the heart of the XRS 20 is the bench, which is made of steel tubing painted with corrosion-resistant paint. The upholstery is the same as the pad, which is polyester with double-stitched seams. The padding bears the right thickness for comfort.

The height of the bench is 56 cm, which allows you to keep your feet firmly on the ground for additional support. You will not have any problems while performing lower body exercises on the bench.

Moreover, the Golds Gym XRS 20 Olympic weight bench supports a total weight of 600 lbs. Such a high weight limit is quite impressive for a weight bench in its price category. As a result of the high weight limit, you will be able to add up to 300 lbs of weight, assuming you weigh around 300 lbs.

Furthermore, with the gold xrs 20, there is no fear of the bench tipping over while working out thanks to its broad base. The feet of the gold’s gym xrs 20 multistation weight bench has a width of 50 inches, making it extremely stable.


The pad on this weight bench is just about perfect. It has the right amount of padding that is not too rigid or too soft, which makes it very comfortable to use. The polyester exterior is double-stitched at the seams and ensures its durability as well. You will love the width of the pad, which makes doing exercises on the bench very comfortable.

Leg Curls Attachment

The detachable leg curl extensions have a peg, which is 1 inch thick. This peg allows the leg curl attachment to integrate seamlessly with three padded rollers as well as 2-inch weight plates. This attachment allows you to work on your hamstrings and quads. Moreover, it has a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs.

Squat Rack

On the XRS 20 weight bench, we found the squat rack to be one of its most outstanding features. The squat rack is not only sturdy but has safety catches, which are 9.5 inches in width and are also adjustable. The safety spotters are among the features of this particular bench that isn’t available in many of the other weight benches we reviewed.

Moreover, the squat rack also doubles up as the rack for bench pressing. The rack supports up to 300 lbs of weight, which is more than enough to allow you to work out the upper body. The rack is detachable, which gives you enough room to perform squats as well. It features heavy-duty steel tubing, which makes it very durable.

Curl Yoke

The curl yoke is also another attachment of the XRS 20 Olympic bench that makes it stand apart from other home gym equipment. It allows you to work on your upper body, and it is detachable.

Preacher Curl

The Golds Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench also includes a preacher curl attachment that you will undoubtedly appreciate. This attachment is perfect for working out the arms and the biceps. The elbow pad is at a fixed angle of 30 degrees. However, the vertical post can be easily adjusted.

Using the preacher curl attachment also requires minimal effort. The grip handles are wide and comfortable to use while performing curling motions with your arms. The attached handles are also very strategically positioned so that you will have no problem incorporating dumbbells in your exercise routine.

Additional Info on The GOLDS XRS 20 Bench

Additional Info on The GOLDS XRS 20 Bench

Apart from the excellent attachments, the XRS 20 Olympic bench also comes with weight holders. This attachment is located at the back of the bench. Furthermore, the weight holders not only provides a great way to reduce clutter but also acts as an additional counterbalance to the weight bench.

The only downside we think you will have is that you do have to assemble the unit yourself as it comes in parts when delivered. However, with a couple of standard screwdrivers and wrenches, you will have no trouble setting it up. A user’s manual is also included in the package to make it easy for you to assemble and use the equipment.

And lastly, the structure of the XRS 20 Olympic bench is finished off with corrosion-resistant paint, which makes it effortless to maintain as well. This property also makes the equipment durable, which is one of the many reasons we can’t recommend it enough.

Pros & Cons of Gold’s Gym XRS 20


  • Great construction and built quality
  • The weight capacity of 600 lbs is excellent
  • Variable attachments which make it possible to work out every muscle group 
  • Safety spotters which make it very secure and safe to use even when alone
  • Quality and adding of the upholstery is impressive
  • Easy to transport 
  • Very affordable


  • Leg attachments are not the best
  • No safety spotters for the squat rack
  • Cannot adjust the height of the leg roller
  • Assembly can be arduous and complicated for beginners
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Weight benches are excellent pieces of equipment for getting a full-body workout right in the comfort of your home. With an excellent choice of attachment and versatility, the Golds XRS 20 Olympic bench is a class apart from other weight benches, which are below the $200 price category.

When you have the XRS 20 Olympic bench, you can perform numerous exercises including bench press, dumbbell press, preacher curl, and leg curl, among others. It will allow you to work out every muscle group in your body.

It is also straightforward to use as well as maintain. Considering the versatility of the exercises you can do with this one equipment and its durability makes the XRS 20 Olympic bench worth the investment. Impressing your buddies with your sculpted body just got more comfortable with this multi-functional weight bench.

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