12 Best Peloton Bike Shoes – (Ultimate Cycling Shoe Guide) For Peloton

Best Peloton Compatible Shoes


That's what it'll cost you to purchase the basic Peloton bike package! Sadly, that'll get you nowhere as you'll end up with a bike that you absolutely can't enjoy riding unless you opt for a more expensive package that includes Peloton Bike Shoes.

Let's face it!

Buying a Peloton bike is a big move for most people. Plus, finding Peloton compatible shoes is a challenging task.

One of the main reasons finding the best Peloton shoes is hard is due to the cleat compatibility of their bike. And unlike most cheaper Peloton competitors, the Peloton bike doesn't allow a wide variety of shoe types with their bike due to their Look Delta pedals.

As a result, you are stuck with Look Delta compatible shoes unless you opt to swap the basic pedals to dual-sided pedals or standard SPD cleat pedals.

With all of that in mind, this list will feature the best footwear for Peloton bikes that are compatible with Look Cleats and even SPD cleats. We'll also tell you the best pedals to get further down. So, make sure you check that shortlist out if you want to upgrade your current Peloton Pedals.

First Look - Top Shoes For Peloton Bikes

Our Top choices for Peloton cycling shoes have been separated to make it easier for you to choose the best for men and women. Also, the list below includes shoes with SPD, SPD-SL, or Look Cleats.

A Word of Caution

If you do not plan to upgrade the pedals on the Peloton bike, please only select shoes compatible with Look Cleats. Another critical thing to note is that some of these bike shoes may not include cleats, so you will need to get a set in addition to the selected shoe.

Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

Here are a few of the best Peloton shoe options if you have wide feet.

1. SHIMANO SH-RP1 Review - For Men

The top pick we found as an excellent fit for Peloton cycling is the Shimano SH-RP1. This Peloton compatible shoe works amazingly well with SPD and SPD-SL cleats, so they are also well-suited for Look Delta Cleats. As such, you won't go wrong with the SH-RP1, even if this is your first pair of cycling shoes or a replacement.


Shimano's SH-RP1 shoe provides a comfy fitting shoe for people with medium foot width. Among the top spinning shoes for Peloton bike available today, the SH-RP1 is a lightweight shoe that offers superior stiffness that aids in power transfer while cycling. Moreover, the only negative is that they may run small, so ordering a size up is recommended.

Additionally, this Peloton bike shoe and others in the Shimano lineup satisfy one of our most crucial comfort criteria — Ventilation. With the RP1's, you won't suffer from excessive heat on your feet as it has adequate breathability and cooling holes. All in all, these shoes are well-rounded in functionality, price, and comfort.


  • Brand: Shimano
  • Closure: 2 Velcro Straps
  • Cleats: SPD, SPD-SL/Look Delta
  • For: Men
  • Sizing: Medium, Wide
  • Cleat Style: SPD, SPD-SL, Look Delta

2. Tommaso Strada 100 Spinning Shoes - For Men

The Tommaso Strada 100 is also an excellent choice that other Peloton bike owners highly recommend. It features a design compatible with Look Delta Cleats/SPD-SL and SPD. Plus, they offer a great shoe plus cleat bundle that allows you to save a lot more than you would if you bought a shoe from Peloton.

One of the benefits of these shoes is that they are more comfortable than the regular shoes sold by Peloton. Plus, they are a bit wider than other options, so they will feel comfortable in most shoe sizes and are good for a wide foot.

tommaso strada 100 spinning shoes for men isolated on white background

Also, Tommaso Strada 100 features three Velcro straps that will allow you to make enough adjustments for the best fit. Overall, this Peloton cycle shoe is an excellent fit for most Peloton bike owners who need comfortable footwear and use the regular Look pedals.


  • Brand: Tommaso
  • Closure: 3 hook-and-loop straps
  • Compatible Cleats: SPD, Look cleats
  • Cleats: 1 Pair Included
  • For: Men, Men
  • Sizing: Medium

3. Nike Men's SuperRep Cycle Indoor Cycling Shoe

If you want a more fashionable ride during your workout, then these Nike Men's SuperRep Indoor Cycling shoes are a great choice. They are clip compatible with Delta and SPD. They are lightweight and have an eye-catching design. They are breathable with a perforated footbed. This combined synthetic and textile upper lend to the comfort factor of these cycling shoes.

nike cw2191-008 superrep cycle mens indoor cycling shoe isolated on white background

The Nike SuperRep's shoe design includes a crossover Velcro buckle in addition to one that reaches over and supports the wearer's ankle. This is a plus if you are looking for added support. The closure of these shoes opens up wide, so you can easily slip your foot in and out of them. This makes them the best Peloton shoes for wide feet.


  • Stylish and fun design
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Closure design is ideal for those with wider feet
  • Rubber under the heel allows for improved traction


  • On the higher end of the pricing spectrum
  • Shoes run a bit small, so you may want to consider sizing up


  • Brand: Nike
  • Closure: Open with crossover Velcro buckle
  • Compatible Cleats: Delta and SPD
  • Cleats: Not Included
  • For: Men
  • Sizing: Medium

More of the Best Peloton Shoes for Men and Women

Here are other Peloton shoe options for men and women you may be interested in.

4. Gavin Elite Road Shoe Review - For Men

Our top pick for budget Peloton cycling shoes is the Gavin Elite Road Shoes. They strike the perfect balance in functionality, comfort, and cost. With these shoes, you get compatibility to several cleat styles such as Look, SPD, SPD-SL, and SPD-R. In short, they are an excellent option for any serious cyclist or Peloton enthusiasts as you won't need to worry about cleat style with these shoes.

gavin elite road cycling shoe isolated on white background

Style and fitting are also excellent with the Gavin Elite Road Shoe. It features one micro-adjustable buckle and two Velcro straps at just the right angle. This setup will help you fine-tune the feel of the shoe while also allowing a comfortable fit for people with slightly wide feet.


  • Brand: Gavin
  • Closure: 2 hook and loop straps + 1 micro-adjustable buckle.
  • Cleats: SPD, SPD-R & SPD-SL, Look cleats
  • For: Men
  • Sizing: Medium

5. TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Spin Shoes Review - For Women

The TIEM Slipstream shoe is a great option if you want a great balance between style, performance, and functionality. It features excellent breathability thanks to the mesh toe section.

Plus, it has recessed cleats that make it easy to walk around in before and after your Peloton live classes.

tiem slipstream indoor cycling shoe for womens isolated on white background

Regarding adaptability to the Peloton indoor bike, the TIEM SlipStream falls short slightly as it is only compatible with SPD. However, the simple solution is to quickly swap out the standard Peloton pedal you get with your bike to one of the pedals we recommend further down.

While adaptability is a con of this indoor cycling shoe, it makes up for it in style. The Slipstream lineup features six stylish colors and designs for you to choose from. Furthermore, with its slip-on design and strap, you'll have no trouble getting in and out of these shoes. Best of all is that the TIEM Slipstreams fit true to size.

So, if style and comfort are your preferences, we recommend getting these or the Pearl Izumi in addition to SPD compatible pedals.


  • Brand: TIEM
  • Closure: Single-Strap closure
  • Cleats: SPD
  • For: Women
  • Sizing: Medium (Comfortable Sneaker Fit)

6. Fizik R5 Road Shoe Review – Unisex Cycling Shoe

If there were ever a road cycling shoe that deserves a 5-star rating, it would be the Fizik R5s. Fizik's brand has always been at the top in producing quality products that perfectly balance beauty, passion, and speed.

This Peloton compatible shoe by Fizik delivers Class, Comfort, Functionality all in one small, sleek package. With nine distinct styling options, the Fizik R5 shoe is genuinely the most visually appealing Peloton bike footwear we've worn. Moreover, it features both SPD and the three-hole SPD-SL design compatible with Look Delta Cleats.

fizik tempo overcurve r5 unisex cycling shoe isolated on white background

Aside from functionality, the Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe features a design that makes getting in and out of the shoe easy. Plus, with the foot-wrapping Velcro closure design (BOA IP1-B dial), adjusting the shoe's fit is a breeze. So, if you want a shoe that matches the aesthetics of the Peloton bike while providing smooth power transfer to the pedals, then a pair of Fizik R5s is the shoe you need.


  • Brand: FIZIK
  • Closure: 1 hook-and-loop straps + BOA IP1-B dial
  • Cleats: SPD-SL, Look Delta
  • For: Men & Women
  • Sizing: Narrow, Medium

7. Pearl IZUMi W All-Road V4 - For Women

The Pearl iZumi is another excellent cycling shoe that makes a great pair with Peloton IF you opt to swap to SPD pedals. With two distinct colors options of black/shadow grey and white/shadow grey, it makes for the perfect road or indoor shoe. We picked the Pearl Izumi's mainly for its durability and design of the outsole with recessed cleats.

pearl izumi spin bike shoes for peloton isolated on white background

This design makes the Pearl iZumi comfortable to walk around in before or after your ride. Additionally, the Pearl iZumi features a soft, breathable fabric lining that is great for anyone with sensitive feet. The only downside of the Pearl iZumi All-Road V4 Cycling Shoe is the stiffness of the top strap and shoe sizing.

As such, we recommend buying at least a size and a half up for people with medium foot width. For people with narrow feet, you should be okay with buying one size up.


  • Brand: Pearl
  • Closure: 3 hook-and-loop straps.
  • Cleats: SPD
  • For: Women
  • Sizing: Medium

8. Giro Apeckx II Cycling Shoes Review

Like most of the other options on this list, the Giro Apeckx II shoes are also remarkable shoes. They feature a professional road shoe design with two Velcro straps and a micro-ratcheting belt that allows you to fine-tune the fitting.

Styling is also a great plus of the Giro Apeckx II as it comes in three distinct colors of white/black, red/black, and full black. One key benefit of choosing this shoe is that a more extensive array of shoe sizes are available. With sizes for everyone, you should have no issues finding the right size and comfort. Moreover, these shoes should reduce or eliminate feet hotspots because of the sole design and ventilation.

giro mens apeckx Ii road cycling shoes isolated on white background

The best thing about this shoe is that it costs less than half of what other Peloton compatible shoes with its features would cost. Moreover, it supports both SPD-SL/Look Delta Cleats and regular SPDs, which you'll need to ride the Peloton bike. So whether you plan to use these solely on a Peloton indoor bike or with other road bikes, they will be a great buy.


  • Brand: Giro
  • Closure: 2 hook-and-loop straps and a micro-ratcheting belt
  • Cleats: SPD-SL/Look cleats
  • For: Men, Women
  • Sizing: Medium

9. Giro Techne Shoes - For Women

Giro Techne shoes are also great alternatives to the standard Peloton cycling shoes. It features the standard three strap Velcro design that allows you to get the most comfortable fit for those long rides. Moreover, the shoe is compatible with the three holes Look Delta Cleats or 2 hole SPDs and has clear markings so you can accurately set the cleats.

Comfort is also a plus with the Giro Techne due to the excellent ventilation with breathable mesh materials and air holes at the shoe's outsole. Sizing with this shoe is hit or miss as most customers had to go through multiple pairs before getting the right size.

giro techne w womens cycling shoes isolated on white background

As such, we recommend that you buy a size and a half up if you have wide feet and one size up for medium width. If you have narrow feet, they'll most likely fit true to size.

Nevertheless, considering the price and versatility of the Giro Techne, we know they'll make a great match with your Peloton bike.


  • Brand: Giro
  • Closure: 3 hook-and-loop straps
  • Compatible Cleats: SPD, Look cleats
  • Cleats: Not Included
  • For: Men
  • Sizing: Medium

10. Santic Men's Cycling Shoes - Good for the Peloton AND Road Use

These Santic Men's Cycling Shoes are a great choice for both use on your Peloton as well as on the road. They have a universal cleat plate system, making them compatible with your Peloton. The upper material of this shoe is made of PU for enhanced breathability. It can also absorb sweat and moisture from your feet during your workout.

The inner lining is anti-slip, ensuring your feet remain firmly planted in place during your high-intensity workout. The closure system of these Peloton shoes is another notable feature. It is a blend between Velco straps and a precision buckle. The closure system ensures a more ergonomic fit and is best for both safety and comfort.

santic mens cycling shoes isolated on white background


  • Versatile shoe option that can be used on any pedal design
  • Highly breathable material
  • Ensures a snug fit for comfort and security
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor cycling


  • Sizes run about one size smaller, which isn't stated in the size chart


  • Brand: Santic
  • Closure: Straps and buckle
  • Compatible Cleats: Universal
  • Cleats: Included
  • For: Men
  • Sizing: Medium Width

11. CyclingDeal Universal Cleat Cycling Shoes

These CyclingDeal cleats are universally compatible with 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleats, including SPD, SPD-SL, Look Delta, Keo, Crank Brother, and Speedplay. They offer you the ideal platform no matter what pedals you decide to ride. Since the cleats are fully compatible with all Look Delta spin and road bike systems, you will not have to adjust the pedal tension every time a new rider jumps onto the Peloton.

The highly breathable design of these CyclingDeal cleats improves airflow through the mesh upper and perforated shoe tongues. It allows for improved heat dissipation and improved airflow, guaranteeing riding comfort and pedaling efficiency.

cyclingdeal universal cleat cycling shoes isolated on white background

The textured surface of these cleats is made from a carbon fiber-nylon composite material for improved safety. You can upgrade your original Peloton cleats with these premium cleats and won't have to worry about taking your shoes off and putting them back on if you need to refill your water bottle during your workout.


  • Universal compatibility and are the same size as Peloton cleats
  • Has a highly breathable design to help with airflow and comfort
  • Supple and supportive materials that provide you with much-needed support
  • Stiff sole ensures maximum power while pedaling
  • Three strap design is convenient for more intense workouts


  • May experience compromised power transfer because the outsole of the shoe is semi-flexible


  • Brand: CyclingDeal
  • Closure: Three Straps
  • Compatible Cleats: Universal
  • Cleats: Included
  • For: Men
  • Sizing: Medium

12. Roknemo Men's and Women's Cycling Shoes

These Roknemo Men and Women's cycling shoes are versatile, lightweight, breathable, and compatible with SPD and ARC Delta. They are compatible with most pedal and cleat types. The upper is lightweight and made of a high-strength material that is both breathable and comfortable to wear. It has a light foot feel.

This is a great pair of shoes and Delta cleats value package perfect for indoor spin bikes like the Peloton. The cycling shoes lock your feet firmly onto the pedals to improve pedaling efficiency. It also results in more stability.

Roknemo cycling shoes are also good for correcting bad posture and help you combat the habit of internal and external knee expansion. This improves your performance while cycling and also helps reduce your risk of a knee injury during your workout.

roknemo mens womens cycling shoes in white color


  • Hook loop strap keeps your feet firmly in place
  • Electric carving on the side of the shoe allows for improved breathability and airflow
  • The bottom has anti-slip rubber for safety and more stability as you cycle


  • Not true to size and may run smaller than expected
  • Also very narrow and are not recommended for wide feet


  • Brand: Roknemo
  • Closure: Locking buckle design
  • Compatible Cleats: Delta and SPD
  • Cleats: Included
  • For: Men and Women
  • Sizing: Narrow

How to Choose the Best Peloton Indoor Cycling Shoes

When looking for the best shoes for indoor cycling, it comes down to more than just style and fit. Here are a few things you want to keep in mind as you narrow down your options for the best Peloton bike shoes or Peloton shoe alternatives.

The Comfort and Fit

Of course, we have to first mention the comfort and fit. When choosing shoes to wear while you are on your Peloton, you want to make sure they are comfortable and convenient. Spin shoes are often designed to be lightweight. Many also have a Velcro strap, making it easier to put them on and take them off. No one wants to stop midway through their workout to tie their shoes.

Clip Compatibility

The bottom of a spin shoe has a metal clip that locks your foot into the pedals of the bike. The clip is usually screwed in, so you can remove it and attach it to a different pair of shoes when your current pair begins showing signs of wear and tear. Most spin shoes are compatible with the SPD Clip (2-bolt system) or the Delta Clip (3-bold system).

Peloton bikes have Delta-compatible pedals. So, unless you plan to replace the bike's pedals, you want to find Peloton bike shoes compatible with these Delta clips.

A lot of cycling shoes also don't come with clips. So, be prepared to purchase these clips separately, so you can attach them to your new shoes.


Durable shoes are usually better quality and something you want when choosing the best Peloton compatible shoes. For long-lasting durability, find a brand with a reputation for just that.


Peloton bike shoes for men and women vary. The men's Peloton shoes are typically wider and larger when compared to Peloton shoes for women. Women's shoes may also have a bit more of a feminine touch than men's when it comes to their design and color. Always check the sizing charts before you order to better understand the fit and if it would work for you.


Aeration and breathability are two more important considerations. This is when you take a closer look at the shoe's upper material. When you cycle, sweat, and heat can begin to build up. You want to find a shoe that will keep this kind of discomfort at bay while you work out.


You can find a decent pair of Peloton bike shoes in the $50 to $150 range. However, higher-end brands such as Nike and TIEM may end up costing you more. However, the higher-priced shoes tend to be much more durable, more long-lasting, and breathable than some Peloton shoe alternatives that are more budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we've covered the best Peloton spin shoes compatible with the bike, here's everything else you need to know:

What type of cleat does Peloton use?

Residential Peloton bikes come standard with LOOK DELTA cleats. However, some people may encounter bikes at their apartments or gyms that feature SPDs or two-sided pedals. A Look Delta Cleat features a three-hole pattern and a larger contact surface area and adjustability. But due to the popularity of SPD cleats, many spin bike and shoe designers now focus less on Look styled products.

Do you need Peloton spin shoes?

It depends on your preferences and whether you already own cycling shoes. The main thing to know is that you won't get the full impact of a Peloton Live Class without cycling shoes. However, the critical point to note is that while you do not need a Peloton branded shoe, you will need cleated shoes.

Also, note that any cleated spin shoes can work fine with the bike if you make a simple pedal swap.

Are Peloton shoes SPD compatible?

Out of the box, Peloton spin shoes aren't SPD compatible; however, you can quickly make them fit by changing the pedals.

Are the original Peloton shoes good enough?

To answer that, we say they're great and offer a decent comfort level to ride in, and they'll last a while. Nevertheless, the pedals on the Peloton aren't so great and will be a bit noisy. Plus, they'll wear quicker than a solid SPD-SL pedal or just regular SPD pedals.

Additionally, most Peloton users already own road shoes, which in most cases have SPD cleats. So, our recommendation is to change the pedals instead of buying new shoes.

BONUS: Best Peloton Pedals

Swapping out the pedals on your Peloton bike is very easy. All you need is one of the corresponding pedals from our list and a 15mm wrench. Then you loosen both pedals and replace them with the new one you selected. One thing to note when swapping pedals is that the left pedal loosens clockwise while the right loosens counter-clockwise.

SHIMANO PD-A530 Bike Pedal

For most Peloton bike users, this SHIMANO PD-A530 is an excellent replacement for the standard pedals. The pedals are double-sided, with one side for SPD and one for regular gym shoes. So even if you opt not to purchase new shoes, you can use your regular gym sneakers comfortably on your bike.

Another bonus of the Shimano shoe is that the wide surface area of the pedals also provides better pedaling comfort. We recommend these for anyone that wants to switch over to SPD or people who already owned a spin shoe with SPDs.

shimano pd a530 spd road dual platform pedal isolated on white background

SHIMANO Unisex M530

The SHIMANO Unisex M530 is a mountain bike-specific pedal that also fits perfectly with the Peloton Indoor bike. This Shimano shoe is durable and offers an excellent riding experience. Moreover, these pedals are perfect for shoes with a recessed cleat.

shimano pd m530 mountain pedals in white color

Wrapping Up

Peloton indoor cycles are great, but without the proper Peloton shoes to go with your bike, you won't get the best riding experience possible. As such, we highly recommend selecting one of our top 12 Peloton Bike Shoes that are all compatible with the bike from the list above. Our top recommendation is the Shimano RP1 for its comfort, affordability, and Look Delta cleats compatibility.

Also, note that if you own a pair of cycling shoes that aren't compatible with Look Cleats, you should opt to change the pedals instead.

Look Delta Shoes for Peloton

All the pedals we've listed in this article can be easily swapped out and replaced with one of the better and more versatile Shimano or Schwinn pedals. Moreover, we highly recommend doing so as the original Peloton bike pedals will go bad quickly.

On the other hand, if you own Look Delta shoes but still want to upgrade to a more premium SPD pedal, there is a simple solution. You can get this Wellgo Adapter as it is a cheap alternative to convert Look Cleats to SPD.

With all that said, we've come to the end of this article. Did you find the best cycling shoes for Peloton for you? Let us know which shoes you like in the comments below.

All the pedals we've listed in this article can be easily swapped out and replaced with one of the better and more versatile Shimano or Schwinn pedals. Moreover, we highly recommend doing so as the original Peloton bike pedals will go bad quickly. On the other hand, if you own Look Delta shoes but still want to upgrade to a more premium SPD pedal then there is a simple solution. You can get this Wellgo Adapter as it is a cheap alternative to convert Look Cleats to SPD.

With all that said, we've come to the end of this article. Did you find the best Peloton shoe for you? Let us know which shoes you like comments below.

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