How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Treadmill? 2022 Price Guide

A treadmill is all fun and games until something needs to be fixed. Sometimes, you won’t even know what the problem is; you’ll just hear a squeaky sound and start wondering. Whether it’s out of laziness or caution of the cost, leaving your treadmill when it needs fixing isn’t the wisest decision.

As a matter of fact, most issues will be minor and can be fixed at home. In this guide, I’ll tell you everything about repairing a treadmill, including the cost, extended warranty, and whether you can fix it at home.

Maintenance Issues You’ll Have to Pay For – How Much do They Cost?

Maintenance Issues You’ll Have to Pay For - How Much Do They Cost

There are different types of treadmill maintenance, and needless to say that all of them will cost you money. The amount differs from one type to another, though.

Here’s a summary of each repairing cost associated with a treadmill.

1. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is a preventive procedure that ensures all minor issues in your treadmill are fixed, so they don’t develop to cost you a fortune. The process usually includes aligning the belt and adjusting its tightness, cleaning the rollers, and making sure they’re not getting stuck. There are also a lot of other examples:

  • Inspecting the motor belt tension
  • Cleaning the motor compartment and vacuuming it
  • Checking any loose screws and bolts
  • Checking all the electrical connections
  • Calibrating the drive motor according to the preferred speeds
  • Calibrating the incline motor through a full range
  • Running the machine on trial for various speeds

The service operator that you choose for this procedure will determine how much you’ll pay for it. However, it doesn’t stray far from the average, which is $120. Some companies will charge $120-$130 for the service, in addition to an hourly rate. And some companies charge less than $100. Bear in mind that any repair issue found will be charged differently.

2. Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic services will check your treadmill and locate the problem. They won’t fix it unless you order so. Also, the service is different from maintenance services because it’s only needed when something is wrong, and you want to determine it.

It’s useful because a professional will check your machine and tell you whether it needs repair, which you may not do on your own.

These services cost $100-$200 on average, according to the service company you choose.

3. Repair Services

Repair Services

There are a bunch of parts that can require a repair on a treadmill. You don’t always need replacement parts; we’ll talk about this bit later on.

Now, let me show you a detailed breakdown of treadmill repair services. Some service companies will charge an hourly rate of $100-$200, just so you know.

Repair NeededAverage Cost
Deck suspension$120-$130
Key pad$20-$30
Rollers (individually)$70-$80
Drive motor$100-$120
Console $20-$30
Elevation motor$70-$80
Wire harness$20-$30
Safety key switch$70-$80
Motor brush$20-$30

4. Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts cost the most out of repair services of treadmills. Having to pay for a completely new part may cause you to spend a fortune, especially if it’s a core part of the machine.

Here’s a breakdown of the average replacement costs.

Replacement PartAverage Cost
Drive belt$15-$80
Drive motor$200-$500
Incline drive motor$150-$300
Safety key$10
Rollers (individually)$100
Wire harness$75
Motor brush$30

6 Treadmill Issues You Can Fix at Home

When you sense something wrong with your treadmill, you don’t have to rush to the repair services. It might be a minor issue that you can fix at home without taking your wallet out of your pocket.

To do this, you should know what problems can be fixed at home and how to fix them. Here’s a summary of each of them.

7. Broken Sensor

Broken Sensor

If your problem is a broken sensor, you don’t have to worry at all. The first thing you should do is to pay a visit to your nearest sports store. There, buy a sensor that’s compatible with your treadmill and attach it yourself. It’s not hard to do, and it won’t cost you a lot.

8. Disappearing Display

Disappearing Display

If your console display doesn’t turn on, it’s usually a minor issue. It can be a worn battery or a torn cord. When this happens, do a recheck on all wires, in case they need replacements. This should be easy to fix on your own.

If the display develops static, try to unplug the treadmill for a couple of minutes and replug it. If the circuit breaker caused the problem, it should get solved then. If not, you’ll likely need the help of a professional.

9. Belt Slippage

Belt Slippage

Most issues associated with the belt are easy to solve at home. To know where the problem is, check if the belt is too tight or too loose. You can do that by lifting it in the center.

There should be a lifting gap of 2-3 inches. If you can’t lift it this high, you’ll likely need to loosen it up. On the other hand, if the gap is too large, you’ll need to tighten it.

The problem may also be with the rear roller. If it needs adjustment, grab an allen wrench and adjust the bolts, either by tightening them or loosening them. Only turn the wrench about a quarter turn every time to prevent the bolts from slipping.

10. Uncentered Belt

Uncentered Belt

As opposed to slipping issues, an uncentered belt is definitely an issue associated with the rear rollers. They’ll likely need to be aligned, which you can easily do by yourself. For starters, you should turn the treadmill on and adjust it to the slowest speed.

Next, grab an allen wrench and go towards the machine’s back. Insert the wrench in one of the tension bolts. Then, turn it slowly to any side of your choice; only quarter a turn should do. You should then observe the movement of the belt. If you appear to be turning the bolt on the wrong side, adjust it, and watch the belt’s movement again.

Once you’re sure the belt is perfectly centered and aligned with the bolts, you should be done. After you finish, try the treadmill for a couple of minutes to ensure you’ve gotten it right. It should stay centered no matter which speed you’re on.

11. Burning Smell

Burning Smell

A burning smell is alarming, but it’s not always a major issue. It can simply be a too-tight belt that’s causing friction with the treadmill deck, which can produce a stale odor. The solution is then easy; you merely loosen the belt or lubricate it. A silicone lubricant is preferred in this case.

If you check the belt and it’s not tight, then it’ll likely be a part in the motor area that needs replacement. You can do it by yourself by going to the nearest shop and buying the replacement part. But not everyone can do that. If that’s the case with you, you should ask the help of a professional.

11. Irregular Speed

Irregular Speed

An irregular speed can either be a result of an electrical or a mechanical issue. You can perform a quick test to know for sure because a mechanical issue is simple to fix at home.

To do that, turn the treadmill off and walk slowly on the belt. If it moves properly, even though the motor isn’t running, you likely have an electrical problem. In this case, ask for professional help.

If it gets stuck at some point, it’ll probably need lubrication, which you can do at home. Just lift one side of the belt and insert the lubricant’s nozzle. Spray towards the center and repeat the process on the other side.

Afterward, turn the treadmill on for a few minutes so that the lubricant can spread evenly. Avoid getting it on your stepping area to prevent slipping incidents.

Tools & Replacement Parts You Should Have at Home

Tools & Replacement Parts You Should Have at Home

In the case of any previously-mentioned issue, you’ll likely need a few tools to be present in your home. Here’s a list.

  • Silicone lubricant
  • Non-abrasive detergent
  • Allen wrenches set
  • Large T-shaped Allen wrench
  • Extra power cord
  • Extra belt
  • Spare safety key

Should You Get Extended Warranty for Your Treadmill?

Should You Get Extended Warranty for Your Treadmill

This is a tricky question. On the one hand, the essential parts of a treadmill are the motor and the frame. Most brands, if not all, offer lifetime warranties for these two parts. So, you won’t need insurance or extended warranties.

However, on the other hand, a treadmill has many intricate parts that could get damaged easily. Therefore, it’d be wise to get these insured.

Hiring a professional to fix your treadmill every time an issue occurs will cost you a fortune. Getting an extended warranty will save you these expenses. You’ll get free checking visits at home without needing to take the parts to a service shop.

Personally, I’d get my treadmill insured. It saves a lot of hassle, especially if the machine isn’t high-end.

Bear in mind that an extended warranty is your only way to get insurance for your treadmill. That’s if your original equipment warranty already ended.

How Much Does an Extended Warranty Cost?

How Much Does an Extended Warranty Cost

It depends on which fitness equipment insurance company you’ll go for. However, there’s an average for every cost that you won’t stray far from.

Check this table to gain insight into the expected cost.

Machine’s Cost1-Year Extended Warranty4-Year Extended Warranty
$500 or under$90$150

Every fitness equipment insurance company will offer different facilities. However, most of the packages will include all mechanical failures, such as internal moving parts and the motor.

Additionally, any issue with the electrical connection will be covered within the warranty.

A lot of manufacturing brands offer extended warranties at reasonable prices. However, if you already bought your treadmill without one, or if its warranty ended, you’ll have to buy an extended warranty somewhere else.

Treadmill Extended Warranties – Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re confused about the extended warranty, take a look at these frequently asked questions. You’ll likely find answers to your questions.

Will I have Home visits to Fix my Treadmill?

Yes, most companies offer home visits. If the malfunction in your treadmill can’t be fixed at home, the workers will take it to get fixed and then return it. However, you should check that with your insurance company first.

Will my Warranty Coverage end after the Treadmill is fixed?

Yes, most companies offer home visits. If the malfunction in your treadmill can’t be fixed at home, the workers will take it to get fixed and then return it. However, you should check that with your insurance company first.

Is it possible that the service company can’t fix my treadmill?

It’s possible, yes. In this case, some companies will offer you a refund of your treadmill’s current price. However, it goes according to every company’s standards. You should check such situations with your chosen insurance company first.

Does my extended warranty cover everything?

No, an extended warranty usually doesn’t include physical or impact damage along with any spilled-liquid incidents. You’ll have to pay to fix these kinds of issues.

Also, extended warranties usually don’t cover treadmills with pre-existing conditions. If you buy a used treadmill, you’ll have to discuss that with the service company of your choice.

Closing Thoughts

A treadmill is one of the most expensive fitness equipment. It’d be wise to think about its repair and insurance before paying a fortune for it.

Now that you have expectations of the repair costs, you should know where you’re going with that fitness plan of yours.

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