Bowflex Max Trainer vs. TreadClimber

Finding the best home gym equipment can be a little challenging. With lots of good models on the market, choosing the right device is never an easy task. Bowflex offers the amazing Max Trainer as well as the TreadClimber for fitness enthusiasts. In our article, we’ll compare the Bowflex Max Trainer vs. the TreadClimber, to help you pick the right machine.

Both machines are made by the same company and will deliver exceptional results if you’re trying to stay in shape or lose weight. However, they’re quite different in nature. If you’re confused about which machine to buy, keep on reading to learn more about both devices.

What is Better Bowflex Max Trainer or TreadClimber?

Max Trainer

Bowflex is a leading brand in the world of home gym machines. This company is known for its practical home fitness solutions that allow you to do every strength exercise at the comfort of your home.

The brand first started selling specific products that were designed for rehabilitation purposes. However, as the brand grew more popular, users needed special machines that could be used for total-body workouts.

The Max Trainer and the TreadClimber are both upgrades to pre-existing and popular machines. The Max Trainer is an upgrade for a regular elliptical, allowing you to burn more calories. A TreadClimber is an upgrade for a treadmill, as it engages more muscles. Using this machine will help you burn more fats and reach your fitness goals faster.

Max Trainer

The Max Trainer is 2-in-1 equipment that combines the features of an elliptical and a stepper. It has a sleek and compact design with a small footprint. As a result, you can easily fit it into a tight spot, even if you don’t have a big space to set up your home gym.

The Max Trainer line was previously made up of three different models; the M3, M6, and M8. You can find between 2 to 8 guided training programs, and the multi-grip handles can be adjusted between 8 to 20 positions for the best grip. All models of the Max Trainer feature an interactive screen that shows information about your heart rate and the number of calories burned. Using this information, you can set and achieve your fitness goals.

The M3 and M6 models are entry-level models, while the M8 is more suitable for advanced users. You can find the Max Total, the latest addition to the Max Trainer line.

The M3 model offers 2 workout programs and 8 levels of resistance, so you can add more resistance as you become more fit. It’s designed to withstand a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The heart rate is calculated using a chest strap, and this machine measures 49 X 26 X 64.7 inches.

It occupies only half the space needed by a regular treadmill while engaging more muscles to help you achieve your fitness goals faster. The M3 is no longer available on the Bowflex website, but you can still buy it from other online stores.

The M6 is a fantastic upgrade to the M3 model. Featuring a larger and more advanced console, this will be a great addition to your home gym setup. It’s designed to cater to active users’ needs with a USB charging port and a magnetic rack for your smartphone and other smart devices.

You can keep track of the calories you’ve burned, and the machine can be connected via Bluetooth to 2 different users. This is an excellent feature if you’re using a fitness app on your phone. The multi-grip dynamic handles feature unique points that measure your heart rate as you work out. There are 16 levels of resistance.

The M6 model has similar dimensions to the previous M3 model, although it is slightly lower with a height of 64.2 inches. It’s slightly heavier than the M3, weighing 148 pounds.

The M8 model is also discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer available on their website. However, you can still find this model in stores and online pages. The dual-mode LCD/LED screen shows a lot of info to help you keep track of your fitness regimen.

Four users can connect their devices to the machine, and it offers 20 levels of resistance. The dimensions of this machine are slightly different, measuring 47.9 X 30.8 X 65.2 inches.

The Max Total is the most expensive version of these machines. It allows you to stream your favorite show from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime while you work out, so you can lose weight while enjoying your favorite movies. Compared to other machines, it represents a combination of a stepper and an elliptical. The machine offers custom workout plans and allows you to celebrate milestones.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers a full-body workout.
  • A combination of two machines.
  • Burns more calories than several gym machines.
  • Low-impact workout while engaging various muscles in the body.
  • Compact design.
  • Several levels of resistance to keep the workout challenging.
  • Suitable for beginners and pros.


  • Given the price of the machines, the warranty is a bit disappointing.
  • The less expensive models lack the Bluetooth connectivity feature.
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The TreadClimber is a unique workout machine that can help you burn calories faster. It’s a combination of a treadmill, as well as a stepper, with the added functions of an elliptical to help you lose weight faster than any of the previous single machines.

As you use the TreadClimber, you’ll be engaging more muscles, so you will feel more energized as your body transforms. Even if you’re a beginner, you can simply walk, and the stair climbing function will help you add the needed zest to your workout regimen.

There are two models of the TreadClimber, the TC100 and the TC200. Both models are suitable even for people who have never worked out before. Using the Treadmill is guaranteed to burn at least 2.5X the calories burned on a regular treadmill.

The TC100 model is an excellent choice for first-timers as it will help you achieve your fitness goals without straining your joints. The speed range is between 0.5 to 4 mph, and you can keep track of your heartbeats thanks to the integrated contract grips.

This machine is designed to help you stay comfortable while helping you lose stubborn fats. It comes with a built-in USB charging port and a backlit display that shows information about speed, time, distance traveled, and calories burned.

The machine has a small footprint, measuring 57 X 31.5 X 59 inches. It also has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

The TC200 model has slightly different dimensions that measure 55 X 31.5 X 62.5 inches. It can be easily transported using the built-in wheels and has a warranty of 3 years.

One of the most critical differences between both models is that the TC200 offers Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to connect the machine to your smartphone or smartwatch. This will help you keep track of your progress using a fitness app that you’ve previously installed.

There are 5 different workout programs that you can try to achieve your fitness goals; the Interval, Just Walk, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal, and Time Goal. The highest speed is 4.5 mph.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers low-impact workout.
  • Engages more muscles than a regular treadmill.
  • Burns more calories than a treadmill.
  • Can offer high-intensity workout without putting much strain on the joints.
  • Has a smaller footprint than regular treadmills. 
  • Customized workout programs.
  • The TC200 model has entertainment features.


  • More expensive than a regular treadmill
  • The warranty is disappointing given the price of the machine. .
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Is a Max Trainer Better Than a Treadmill?

Is a Max Trainer Better Than a Treadmill
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Trying to decide between a Max Trainer and a Treadmill can be quite difficult. The Max Trainer is a new piece of equipment that promises to engage several muscles to help you achieve fast fitness goals. However, the treadmill is a popular machine that has been around for decades. Here are some features to help you decide which one should be your choice.

1. Calories Burned

Although the treadmill will help you shed some of the extra weight, the Max Trainer excels in this arena. The number of calories burned on a treadmill depends on the distance, speed, and inclination, but the Max Trainer promises to burn more calories.

2. Impact

As you go faster on the treadmill, you’ll be burning more calories. However, treadmills are high-impact machines, so you will be putting too much pressure on your back, hips, knees, and ankles.

A Max Trainer is a low-to-no impact machine because your feet don’t leave the pedals. So if you’re prone to injuries or are recovering from a previous one, a Max Trainer will be a better option.

3. Tracking Options

This depends on the model. Max Trainers come in various models, and some have better tracking options with Bluetooth connectivity to help you record your performance. At the same time, some modern treadmills come with built-in features to help you enjoy your time to the maximum.

4. Ease of Use

For a beginner, walking on a treadmill, especially at a low speed, will be a better option. However, if you’re trying to lose more calories, a Max Trainer will help you achieve that faster and easier.

5. Upper Body Workout

The treadmill doesn’t engage any muscles in your upper body. However, the Max Trainer has arms that look like the elliptical arms and will engage your upper body muscles.

Deciding between a treadmill and a Max Trainer is a matter of personal choice. A treadmill will be an excellent option for a first-time user, especially if you plan to go slow. A Max Trainer is easier to use if you’re trying to burn more calories without straining your muscles. It also engages your upper body muscles for a total workout.

Is The Bowflex TreadClimber Worth It?

Is The Bowflex TreadClimber Worth It
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The Bowflex TreadClimber is definitely more expensive than a basic treadmill. However, it offers the functions of three different machines; a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical. This gym equipment combo is a great investment because it has a small footprint and guarantees to engage various muscles in the body.

The TC100 currently costs $1599, while the TC200 costs $1999. This price is definitely higher than the price of a regular treadmill. However, it engages more muscles and definitely costs less than buying the three machines. Moreover, if you don’t have a dedicated room to set up your home gym, this machine can be set up at a corner in the living room or bedroom.

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Can You Lose Weight With Bowflex TreadClimber?

You can lose more weight with Bowflex TreadClimber than on a regular treadmill. Treadmills are designed for walking and running, but running puts too much strain on your hips, knees, ankles, and lower back. A TreadClimber will help you achieve better weight loss goals without putting much pressure on your joints.

You can work out on the Treadmill with both your feet on the pedals. Because you won’t have to run, this machine is suitable for people who are worried about straining their joints. It also engages several muscles in your upper body to help you lose weight fast.

  • A TreadClimber can be adjusted to offer several workout benefits.
  • There are different programs, and you can keep track of your fitness goals.
  • It engages upper body muscles to help tone all your body muscles.
  • It’s designed to help you burn 2.5X calories more than a regular treadmill.

Wrap Up

Bowflex offers several machines to help you stay fit and in shape. The Max Trainer is a full-body workout machine that comes with several resistance levels and built-in programs to cater to the needs of various users. You can customize the machine to cater to your needs, without spending extra cash on more devices.

The TreadClimber is an upgrade for regular treadmills. It engages your upper body muscles and burns more calories to help you stay in shape. Both machines represent an excellent investment if you want to improve your fitness level and lose weight fast.

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