Bladez Fusion GS II Indoor Cycle Review – Is It A Good Spin Bike?

Being physically active is essential to keeping fit and healthy. And one of the best ways to kickstart your fitness journey is by owning a stationary bike like the Bladez Fitness Fusion GS ii. The truth is that cycling on a road bike or a stationary bike doesn’t matter. What matters is equipping yourself with the necessary items and working out as it is shown that cycling is a low impact exercise that can genuinely help a person in their walk to fitness.

Bladez Fitness Fusion GS ii Review

Bladez Fitness Fusion GS ii Review
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Most importantly, with the advancement of technology, people can now enjoy the benefits of cycling without stepping out of the house. This benefit is made possible with the help of indoor bikes like the Blades fusion GS ii. In this article, we’ll be doing a complete review of the bladez fitness fusion gs ii indoor cycle. We’ll take a look at all its key features and tell you what we liked and what we didn’t and why we still think it’s an excellent spin bike!

Some of its main features include:

  • An LCD screen with scan features that displays distance, speed, time, and calories.
  • A sturdy, smooth motion flywheel that weighs 40 lbs (18 kgs).
  • Steel aluminum cage that can hold a water bottle/flask.
  • A racing-style handlebar with vertical or horizontal adjustability.
  • Transportation wheels that enable the user to transport the cycle with ease.
  • It also features an emergency brake.
  • Two-way adjustable sport seat.
  • A lifetime warranty and a 90 days service warranty.

What Makes Bladez Fitness Fusion Gs ii a Good Spin Bike?

What Makes Bladez Fitness Fusion Gs ii a Good Spin Bike
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The bladez fitness fusion gs ii indoor cycle has a max user weight capacity of 275 lbs. This high weight capacity is a result of the bike being built using high-quality steel. Moreover, the frame of the fusion gs ii is coated with anti-scratch and anti-corrosion paints to prevent it from scratches and rusts.

So you can expect to have a bike in excellent quality even after a few months of heavy usage. It also has wide stabilizer bars with levelers that are also sturdy and extremely durable.

The stabilizer bars will ensure that the bike remains completely steady even during HIIT spin sessions. Overall, it has an excellent structure that puts it among the top of its class.

The Handlebars

The handlebars are not only adjustable but also features a multi-grip design that allows the user to hold the handle in 6 different places.

The multi-grip handle will enable you to avoid having sweaty palms and provides more comfort while you are working out. Plus, the adjustability of the handlebars is an added benefit that allows you to find the right height and distance for you.

Great Flywheel

The perimeter weighted flywheel is reasonably heavy and weighs about 40 lbs (18 kgs) and is good enough for a spin bike. Having a heavy flywheel enables the user to have smoother riding experiences. Plus, it reduces the strain the spin bike places on your knees.

The LCD Console

The LCD console that comes with the bladez fitness fusion gs ii indoor cycle is more than just a primary console.

The screen allows the user to keep track of and record stats like time, speed, distance, and calories. It also offers motivational feedbacks, which is a that feature does not even come with bikes that are much more expensive.

The Noiseless Drive System

The drive system of this machine is super quiet. It helps the user to gain all the benefits of the bike without creating unnecessary noise and disturbing anyone. So it would be suitable for anyone living in an apartment.

The Holder For Water Bottle

A very thoughtful yet small detail provided in this machine is its water bottle holder. It is close within reach and can hold reasonably large water bottles.

Adjustable Resistance 

This bike has adjustable resistance. It provides the user with the flexibility to increase or decrease the resistance of the flywheels. Moreover, it also has an emergency brake system, which comes in very handy when you want the flywheel to stop spinning immediately.

Easy to Assemble

As per many customer reviews, this bike is effortless to assemble. Plus, it comes with an easy to follow instruction manual and all the tools required.

A Good Warranty

When you order a spin bike, getting one with an excellent warranty always plays a vital role.

The bladez fitness fusion gs ii indoor cycle bike offers an outstanding warranty of one year on parts and wearable items, a three months warranty for service, and a lifetime warranty for the bike’s frame. Now even though there’s a lot to love about the fusion gs ii, we also found some cons.

What We Didn’t Like In Bladez Fitness Fusion GS ii Review?

What We Didn’t Like In Bladez Fitness Fusion GS ii Review
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The bike had wheels that allow the user to transport it. The transport wheels are a fantastic feature to have on the bike. And they do perform relatively well on smooth floors; however, when it comes to carpeted/rough floors, it is not easy to drag the bike.

The Seat

The saddle on the fusion gs ii is not very comfortable due to its padding. We’ve seen many user complaints about it. However, the solution we found is to replace the saddle with a softer one or buy a seat cover like this Zarcro Bike Seat Cover.

No Heart Rate Monitoring

The LCD screen is impressive and does a decent job. The only problem is that it does not monitor the heart rate and also doesn’t upload workout stats online. But if that isn’t something you need, then it might not be a con for you.


The bladez fitness fusion gs ii is a great indoor cycle with remarkable features. Moreover, it comes in at a very affordable price and is durable and sturdy to be your fitness partner for years.

Although it has some flaws, the overall benefits and features of this bike are irresistible. As such, we feel comfortable to recommend that this is an overall excellent spin bike to buy!

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