Earnings & Affiliate Disclosure

eaRNINGS & Affiliate Disclosure

Welcome to our Earnings & Affiliate Disclosure. On this page, you’ll learn more about the affiliate relationships.

To be as transparent as possible, we would like you to assume and note the following:

  • checkAssume that all links, posts, images on our website are affiliate links. (They all aren’t, as in most cases we try to share and give credit where it is due.)
  • checkNote that links are subject to change at any time.
  • checkDiscount and Coupons are time-based and can change without notice.
  • checkThis Earnings & Affiliate Disclosure is subject to change without notice.

For any affiliate link on our site, BodHealthiness.com may receive a small commission from the purchase of items bought. We currently maintain affiliate relationships with Commission Junction, Amazon.com, Clickbank.com and many other smaller affiliate networks.

The opinions made on this site are those of BOD HEALTHINESS or our team of writers who at times may post their views. While it is our mission to provide content on as many health and wellness products as possible, the site does not incorporate all available products or offers.

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