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byChristina EvansAug 25, 2022

4 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes With Moving Arms

Choosing the best recumbent exercise bike with moving arms can be a daunting task for most persons. But we’ve reviewed and selected the…

byChristina EvansAug 22, 2022

7 Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes For Overweight People

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8 Best Peloton Bike Alternatives – Top Peloton Bike Competitors

Over the last few years, Peloton has become one of the most sought after indoor spin bikes. Their products are trendy, innovative and…

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6 Best Exercise Bike For Bad Knees

Let’s face it… One of the biggest challenges for anyone looking to lose weight or stay fit is having to exercise with bad…

byChristina EvansAug 22, 2022

Total Gym Reviews – Best Total Gyms in 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

Is it true? Can you lose weight, build muscles and stay lean in 10-20 minutes a day using a Total Gym? The short answer…

byChristina EvansAug 20, 2022

7 Best Peloton Heart Rate Monitors – Top Choices For Superior Accuracy

If you own a Peloton Bike, you understand the need for getting a Peloton heart rate monitor. Most people, including myself, opted to…

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People are most productive when they wake up, and set up their routine.


You have to know which exercises are useful for which groups of muscles.


Walking, running, swimming, yoga are a few physical activity.


Elliptical machines are designed for cardiovascular or aerobic workouts.


We’re here to help you overcome the barriers in the way to a healthier.


The best solution of course is combining diet improvements together.

Latest Posts

byChristina EvansNov 17, 2023

Dmasun Indoor Cycling Bike Review: A Comprehensive Review

According to a global consumer survey conducted by Statista, about three in ten people in the US alone did weight exercises at home.…

byChristina EvansNov 17, 2023

6 Best Exercise Bikes for a Short Person (Reviews)

Exercise bikes are being widely used by fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Recent data has shown that 40% of adults in the…

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Pyhigh Indoor Cycling Bike Review {Updated}

Do you love staying in shape but do not always find adequate time to work out? Are you a beginner looking forward to…

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Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Review: A Complete Guide

There is an increasing awareness about leading a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. However, not everyone has the right tools at their disposal.…

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Pooboo Indoor Cycling Bike Review: A Comprehensive Review

Are you a fitness freak who loves staying in shape? Or are you a beginner who has just started your wellness journey? You…

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9 Benefits of Indoor Cycling (Must Read!)

Of the many forms of exercise that seem to have been around for quite a long time now, the popularity of indoor cycling…



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Home Gyms

byChristina EvansJul 14, 2023

BodyCraft VR500 Commercial Rowing Machine Review

Are you looking to add a rowing machine to your home gym? If you are interested in investing in a high-end machine, consider…

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How Much Does a Home Gym Actually Cost in 2023?

If you are looking for convenience in your fitness routine, a home gym can be a good addition. You can work out whenever…

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Gonex Portable Home Gym Work Out Equipment Review

Does your fitness goals take a backseat as you travel a lot? Staying fit while on the go is a challenge. It is…

byChristina EvansJun 3, 2023

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Review {Tried & Tested}

Are you looking for a complete home gym machine? One that will let you perform full-body exercises? One that will help you meet…

byChristina EvansMay 23, 2023

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review [2023, Updated]

Are you too busy to go to the gym? Do long commute times and the crowd at the gym make it a challenging…

byChristina EvansMay 20, 2023

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Review [2023, Updated]

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly home gym machine? One that will take up only a small space in your home gym and…